Updated Bucket List

posing in front of the Cinderella castle

Here I am, by Cinderella’s castle every day!

Two Junes ago, I blogged my bucket list. Last October, it was updated. So many wonderful things have happened since then. Now, I am updating the list once again to show what I have accomplished and add new ideas.

Working for Disney is probably the biggest accomplishment so far. Realizing that I succeeded in checking that off my list was so exciting! What a cool thing. Continue reading

Still Feel Like I am Starving

Mario eating food

Mario eating a S’More

Lately, I have been eating enough food again. Maybe even too much, my brain keeps fearing.

However, part of me still is starving. I look at food and think that I need it to stay alive. I constantly think of my next meal. Food, weight, health, food…this runs through my mind all day.

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“You Have a Way with People.”

Drinking butterbeer

Here I am enjoying my first butterbeer.

My roommate said this amazing phrase the other day: “You have a way with people.”

“Yeah, a way of making them annoyed,” I wanted to quip. However, the negative remarks just stayed in my head as I smiled in thanks.

Her response had to do with a story I had told her about my day. Earlier that afternoon, I went to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios for the first time. Stepping into Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade was truly a magical experience.

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10 Character Traits I Want to Teach My Children

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I love this list! If I ever have children, these are items that I want to teach them. Reading, independence, working hard – what a wonderful list.

Originally posted on TIME:

To be independent. I want each of my children to have the ability and confidence to live an independent life, making their own choices based on their own values, and not feeling limited by their own fears or insecurities. I have to remind myself of this when it would be easier for me to “fix” one of their problems, than to let them figure it out themselves.

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To reasonably assess risk. Risk management is a huge part of everyday adult life. So whether it be climbing trees or jumping off of the playground, I fight my helicopter-parent instincts every day in the hopes that by allowing my children to self-monitor their own risk-taking (age appropriately, of course) I’m teaching them skills that will last…

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Social Observations From an Aspie: Different Kinds of Promises

With Anna

Meeting Princess Anna who also has problems with promises

“But you promised.”

That is one of the resounding thoughts in my life. I am constantly disappointed because someone promises to hang out with me or give me a present or be there for me but he or she fails to keep to what they promised.

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Listaliciousness: Dr. Suess books, Creativity, and Disney

food from Cowfish

A vegetarian burger with sweet potato fries and spiked milkshake from Cowfish

It has been way to long!  Finally, Listaliciousness is back!

Here are some links of wonderful things. There were many to choose from, but I decided on these.
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Learning Not to Fear Differences

Me with red flower in hair

I am slowly learning to be different and enjoy that as well as talk with others who are different from me.

When I am different than others, it scares me.

What do they think of me? Are they judging how I look or who I am? How can I not draw attention to myself?

I have tried to be normal and blend in, but this always fails dramatically. Instead, I must learn to deal with being different and caring for those who are not like me.

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100-Year Old Message in a Bottle is Finally Delivered

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I want to find a message in a bottle so bad, almost as bad as I want to send one. :)

Originally posted on TIME:

LONDON (AP) — A century-old message in a bottle, possibly the oldest ever found, has finally reached its destination.

Tossed into the North Sea sometime between 1904 and 1906, the bottle washed up on the beach in the German town of Amrum, and was found by a couple in April. Inside they found a postcard asking that it be sent to the Marine Biological Association of the U.K. — which they did.

The association said Friday that the bottle was one of some 1,000 thrown into the North Sea as part of marine research more than 100 years ago. Inside each bottle was a postcard promising a shilling to anyone who returned it to the association, based in Plymouth.

Most of the messages were returned decades ago. The German couple got their shilling.

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Disney College Program: Aloha!

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Originally posted on It's A Great Blog After All:
Well everyone, you are looking at the newest Walt Disney Merchantainment Cast Member at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort! Let’s just say I was a little more than thrilled to find out my work location. I was nervous to find out where I would be working. Considering I have…

Is There a Point to Creativity?

St. Mary Magdalen

The Anglo-Catholic Church St. Mary Magdalen

The other day, I was looking at jewelry inspired by Vincent Van Gogh. One of my favorite artists, this man had a tragic life that ended in suicide. He was so talented but only sold one painting in his whole life. Others looked at him, judged, laughed, and turned away instead of seeing his talent. Instead of seeing the deeply burrowed pain in him.

No one realized the brilliance of van Gogh until after his death. This made me wonder a dark question: is there a point to being creative if no one cares?

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