Listaliciousness: Google Tips, Retro Princesses, and Working while Having Fun

Dressed as Honey Lemon with Halloween Mickey Mouse

Dressed as Honey Lemon with Halloween Mickey Mouse

Happy Sunday and list day! Enjoy these links that I finally got around to doing again! :D

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5 Hidden Gems of Disney World

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Here is a post from my other blog. I hope you enjoy and maybe check these places out if you are in Disney World.

Originally posted on Traveling by 5s:

Going to Disney World but want to experience something other than the huge thrills and most popular attractions? Here are some of hidden attractions that are wonderful, humorous, and/or peaceful. They will give you a new and exciting look into another part of Disney World.

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DCP Bucket List.

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I love this list and want to make one of my own. :) A Disney Bucket List. Already I have made one for my little brother when he comes. :)

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As the excitement grows I am finding more and more ways to incorporate Disney into my days. And what better way to do that then to make a DCP bucket list! A friend of mine made me a bucket list of things she did when she was on her program and she says I have to do, but I still wanted to make my own as well.

So here we go…

  1. Watch the Kiss Goodnight at Magic Kingdom
  2. Eat at Be Our Guest
  3. Visit every resort 
  4. Have afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian 
  5. Do the four park challenge
  6. Go to Mickey’s No So Scary Halloween Party
  7. Go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas
  8. Walk down an empty Main Street U.S.A.
  9. Get celebration buttons
  10. Go to CP graduation
  11. Dole Whip
  12. Go to House of Blues
  13. Go to Food & Wine Festival
  14. Work a PAC shift
  15. Get a Four Keys Card
  16. Eat at Cinderella’s…

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Accepting Help from Others

With Scooby and the Gang

The Mystery Incorporated Gang always helped each other.

“I can do it myself!” This is one of the first phrases that children use. Independence appears to be one of the first lessons that we learn.

In many ways, being independent is a good thing. We are self-sufficient, confident, and strong. Functioning alone is possible as well as in a group. As the word implies, you are not (“in”) needing to relay (“dependent”) on anyone else.

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Ten Signs Your Medication Is Not Working

Stone gargoyle at Be Our Guest

You can feel miserable with the wrong medication.

Medication for depression or other mental illness is a tricky thing to manage. Everyone responds differently to it. Some people find that Prozac allows them to think clearly while others have racing thoughts with that medicine. Others love Zoloft despite the fact that others dislike it.

Just like our bodies are made differently, our illnesses have different remedies. Finding that right medication is the key.

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Story Beats Monologue


We all long to hear stories. I love talking to people on the bus to work and learning their stories. This is far more interesting than a monologue of opinions or complaints. I want to know something about you in a story. That shows me who you really are.

Originally posted on conversation is an engine:

Why, again, do we elevate didactic talking points?

I hear “story” a lot these days.

Clients are looking for stories because stories show how something—their product, for instance—works in real life. A story is engaging. There is some tension in a story. There is a human factor in a story—we get to know some character. There is specificity that perks our attention. This is all story stuff.

We must work to help the story emerge We must work to help the story emerge

Students like stories because they put a concept together into an easily digestible form.

In some ways it seems like nearly anything put in story form gets attention. Even over at Dumb Sketch Daily people comment that they are curious about stories behind the various dumb sketches appearing there. And if there is no story, the reader makes one up. It’s nearly an involuntary response. Our minds are made to put things together, to look…

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Laughing at Failure

Meeting Captain Jack as Honey Lemon

Honey Lemon and Captain Jack both seem like they would laugh at their failures.

How do you laugh at failure? How do you keep going after your plans are ruined? How can you pick yourself back up and keep fighting for your dreams?

I have often wondered these questions. As a perfectionist, I fear failure immensely. The idea of doing anything wrong horrifies me. After all, why do something if you cannot do it right?

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Living vs. Being Alive


This is a great description of depression. I never thought of it quite that way, but it fits so perfectly! The message of hope and holding onto the dream of the next day being better is so important too.

Originally posted on e.c.teed_off:

Today would be the day I registered for my classes if I had gone to London. The last week I’ve approached each day in relation to what I would be doing if I had made the decision to go. And it’s made worse by the fact that I’m basically doing nothing to move my life forward. After all, I decided not to go because I wasn’t emotionally ready and wanted to grow stronger. I’ve spent the last month taking two classes at a community college and going to the gym when I can get up the nerve.

When I tell others about what my day “could have been like,” they tell me not to worry, I’ll be there in a year. I mean, that was the plan in deferring. But I think I know I’m not. I wasn’t even planning on going, the whole plan was just an experiment to…

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Going Through Caffeine Withdrawal

Having pop with friends

Having pop with friends is fun but should be a treat, not a daily routine numerous times.

Head pounding, dizziness kisses my face. All I want to do is lay down and rest. However, work goes on with the rest of life continuing. Thus, I push forward through each moment although I feel like I cannot stand.

Evidently this is what happens when you combine stopping caffeine suddenly after relaying on it and lack of sleep, too much heat, and an overly busy schedule.

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Breaking the mold hurts.


I understand this so well. Doing new things does hurt as does pushing yourself. Yet, it does become a bit easier with time. If only that empty feeling would go away and stay away forever.

Originally posted on BlueHero:

Alone- Edmund Dulac

Lately I’ve been spending much more time doing new things. Things I’ve never got to do in a long time. Going out to eat, or spending the day watching movies and video games with a friend are amazing experiences for me. However I can’t help but feel empty when I go home. It’s as if the happier the time I have, the harsher the it feels when it’s over. Am having a hard time processing such feelings. At the end of the day my loneliness still finds a way to haunt me.

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