Returning Home to. . .

Girl sadly thinking "now what"

Where is the purpose in each day?

Well, I am back from England safe and sound. I survived being away from my quiet home, eating out in public without calorie labels or measuring cups, and encountering different unique and sometimes stressful situations. Now I am back in my snug room where I belong.

So now what happens?  All I can think about is how purposeless this summer seems since the trip is finished. 

Has that ever happen to you?  After waiting months or years for something, you feel so left down after it happens.  What is supposed to take place after your dream is done?

Now, I loved my trip and will never forget about it!  Just because I am depressed to come home does not mean that I am ungrateful for what happened.  However it is hard to know what to do now.  How do you follow up a trip to London?  What can I do to make the rest of this summer enjoyable?  How will I keep from simply moping around?

Well, I decided to make a list for myself partly because I love making lists and also to help myself and others after future trips. Hopefully, everyone (including myself) will accomplish many of their dreams.  Thus it is important to have a plan of what to do once meaningful goals have been accomplished so you do not fall into a pit of depression and apathy.

  1. Schedule other fun events.   This is not to try to replace the wonderful thing that just occurred but to continue to make good memories each day.  The events you schedule do not need to be big; simply going to the library, taking a walk, or talking on the phone with a friend can suffice.  It is about finding things that bring you life.
  2. Let yourself feel the sorrow but do not dwell on it excessively.  It is okay to be disappointing or sorrowful.  However try not to wallow in misery.  Allow feelings of joy and excitement to have their place in your life as well.
  3. Stay steady in the progress you have made in recovery.  For example, I am going to work hard to continue eating around people like I did in England.  Although I really hate the idea of continuing to have food around others, I am not going to allow myself to slide backward by isolating myself once again.
  4. Rest as much as needed.  Traveling (or other elements of chasing a dream) are exhausting.   Time is needed to recuperate.  So, as much as I would like to jump right back into life, I need to slow down a bit until I am adjusted to being home.
  5. Do things to remember the wonderful parts of accomplishing your dream.  Journal, scrapbook, talk to friends – there are so many ways to do this.  I never want to forget any of my trip.  By focusing on my favorite aspects of it instead of crying about not being there, I will bring the joy of it into my daily life.
  6. Start planning another dream.  Already, I am thinking about when I will return to London.  Also, I am looking at my bucket list and excitedly crossing things off while adding others.

Well, being a bit down, that is all that I think about as helpful right now.  However, these six things (although difficult to implement into each day) will help me to cope with being home.  Although life might seem mundane right now, I know that great things are in the future.  Every day I have the choice to make it worth living.


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