One Thousand Thanks: 1 – 10. Family

A Thousand Thanks: 1 - 10 Recently, a woman who I greatly look up to loaned me the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  Not only whimsically written, this book inspired and strengthened me.  The main premise of the book is how Ann Voskamp deals with her depression, grief, and struggling faith by writing a list of a thousand things she is grateful for in her life.  I would recommend One Thousand Gifts to anyone.

I decided to follow in her footsteps by making my own list of a thousand things I am I thankful for and why.  Each Thursday, I am going to make “Thankfulness Thursday” and try to blog at least 10 things.  So here is the start of my list.

  1. My Father –  He always treats me with respect, mercy, and love even when I mess up.  Instead of giving up on people, he gives them second chances.  When he jokes around, he brings so much joy into my life.  The most wonderful thing he ever said to me was “I am going to stop trying to fix you because you aren’t broken.”
  2. My Mother – She is truly a saint.  When I am struggling, she is right there for me listening to my problems and offering hugs.  Without her, I would be lost.  Watching her care for all of the girls I was in residential treatment with showed her caring heart.  One of my favorite memories was when she proclaimed that she would get a tattoo if it would help me recover.  I wonder if I should take her up on that…
  3. Christine – About two years younger than me, my sister is the funniest person I know.  Even more than that, she cares for others until she can barely stand on her feet any longer.  Her acceptance of me with all my problems gives me hope for having friends in the future.  I love every moment we have together – watching Once Upon a Time, posing for photo shoots, walking at Como Zoo, just sitting side by side.
  4. Maria – Sweet-natured but spunky, my youngest sister is three years younger than me.  Many of my favorite memories of her center around her bright smile and cheerful personality.  Whenever Christine or I bugged her, Maria just played along.  Thank you for putting up with us, dear!
  5. Mario – At the age of 13, I was present along with all of my sisters when surprise baby Mario was born.  He is such a joy even though he is no longer a little boy.  The years of calling himself a “dork” instead of a “fork,” dancing to Go Fish, calling bunny rabbits “rabby bunnets,” and learning to walk are gone.  Now he is a young man who zooms around on his bike, reads words such as “angel,” and gets aggravated when he is teased about girls.  However, I still love him just as much!
  6. Josie – When I was 7, my mother had a miscarriage.  Now this baby would be almost 14.  Often I still mourn for this sibling I never met.  Yet I am still thankful for them although I wish to see their face.
  7. Angel – We found this stray kitten exactly a year to the day after my mom had the miscarriage.  Exactly the age of Josie, he came up to me and we took him in.  We lost him two years ago but I still love him a lot.  He was scarred of everything but so sweet and gentle.
  8. Princess – This sweet kitten was given to me on my 20th birthday.  Although I went into residential treatment for three months right before this birthday, I loved to come home and see my playful but cuddly cat.  Last year, she had two litters of five kittens each time.  Although we gave away most of them, it was so wonderful to play with them.
  9. Lexi –  He is the only kitten we kept.  Although quieter than his mom, he is just as sweet.  For some reason, he loves dirt and mud.  If we find dirty prints in the house, we know who they are from.
  10. Polly – When I was little, we owned Polly who was a mixture of German Shepherd and Lab.  Because of her, I came to love animals.  She followed me everywhere, allowed me to play with her newborn puppies, and slobbered me with doggy kisses.

7 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 1 – 10. Family

  1. I have just recently began reading this book and started my “One Thousand Gifts” List! How neat that you are over 1,000! I am currently at a little over 200. I am not expounding on each, just simply noting people, sceneries, items and moments in time of which I am thankful. It was encouraging when I saw yours began back in 2013; that was so helpful to let me see your progression. Thanks. 😉

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