One Thousand Thanks: 11 – 22. Home

Thanks 11 - 22

The home should be the treasure chest of the living. – Le Corbusier

For my Thankfulness Thursday, I decided to focus on  my house.  Although this may seem materialistic, I think that being thankful for things that you have, even small ones, is important.  Without them, life would be a little duller.

11. My bed.  Without it, sleeping would be very difficult.  I love how soft but firm the mattress is.

12. My stuffed animals and dolls from childhood.  These were my friends when I was lonely.  I still love to decorate my room with them.

13. My dehumidifier.  It might sound silly but I need it on all the time for white noise.  Without it, I can’t sleep or think.

14. Our cold musty basement   It is all cement with a crawlspace so it has very little use to us.  However I loved to explore it when I was younger.

15. Our books.  We have shelves and shelves of books which I love so much

16. Paintings, sculptures, and other works of art.  Most of these are from my sisters and me when we were younger.  However my room is filled with art from friends.

17. Dried flowers.  I am often given flowers as gifts.  Almost every boquet I have kept, dried, and used to decoarte my room.

18. My quilt.  This quilt was given to me by a generous woman that I barely know.  She sent it as a gift when I went into residential treatment for my eating disorder.  I treasure it so much!

19.  My movies.  I own lots of movies that I love.  My favorites are The Lord of the Rings the extended versions.

20. My CDs.  Yes, I still use CDs because I do not have an I-pod.  But I love music so very much.

21. Our Piano.  This was my mother’s growing up and I used to love to play it.

22. Our windows.  We have many huge windows overlooking the river in our house.  In fact, my room has windows all around it.


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