Recovery in Media: #3. Kelly Clarkson Songs

Recovery in Media: #3. Kelly Clarkson Songs

Songs by Kelly Clarkson filled with hope, frustration, and wisdom.

3. Kelly Clarkson Songs

Although I enjoy various types of music, few artists create songs that always speak to me.  I might love one of their singles but not enjoy the rest.  Like other media sources, music expresses views of our culture.  That can be fun, sweet, and full of dreams.  But it can also be very triggering.  Kelly Clarkson is one singer who I really look up to as making beautiful and inspiring music.  For the most part, she has songs with great messages as well.  I am just going to highlight a few of my favorites by her.

Selected Songs:  

  • “Breakaway” from her Breakaway album
  •  “Because of You” from her Breakaway album
  • “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” from her Stronger album
  • “Dark Side” from her Stronger album
  • “People Like Us” from her Greatest Hits album

Recovery Pluses:  First of all, “Breakaway” is a song about growing up and following your dreams.  Kelly is moving out into the world to be herself.  However, she makes it clear that she will never forget her home and those she loves.  This song gives hope for all those embarking off as independent adults while reminding them not to belittle their past.  I love how bubbly, curious, and yet reminiscent “Breakaway” is as it addresses these topics.  Yes, there is a big scary world out there but you can shine once you find your place.

On a much different note, “Because of You” deals with the sorrow and mistrust a young woman learned from her parents.  Although this song does not seem to have a happy ending, the raw emotions in it speak to those in pain.  Kelly captured the longing, fear, and hurt of this song’s lyrics perfectly.  If you watch the music video, you might be surprised and touched to see that there is some hopeful resolution not found in the song.

“Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” takes a different approach to hurt.  Refusing to be broken-hearted over a breakup, Kelly defiantly sings that she is now stronger because of him.  Instead of moping around, she grows in confidence and wisdom.  Her life is now better because her ex-boyfriend deserted her.  Although I do not completely agree with the phrase “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” this song is very empowering.  Even if you haven’t gone through a breakup, it can be applied to other parts of life such as an eating disorder, anxiety, perfectionism, unkind friends, or abusive family members.

Where “Stronger” pushes an unhealthy relationship away, “Dark Side” begs for a supportive one.  One of my favorite songs, this tune comforts all those in pain by stating that everyone has struggles.  Instead of giving up hope, Kelly asks for someone to accept her dark side.  The music video for this song is also very poignant.  It helps one to understand how many people are suffering and how to care for them as well as yourself.

Finally, Kelly Clarkson’s latest hit is “People Like Us.”  Not only super catchy, this song has a wonderful message.  It begins by stating that “everybody loses it, everybody wants to throw it all away sometimes.”  Right away, this song connects with the pain people are dealing with secretly.  However it does not stop there.  Instead, the song brings hope as people “stick together” and bond.  Even those who are spurned and forgotten invited to band together to face the future with determination and courage.  Whenever I hear this song, I belt out the lyrics with tears in my eyes.  It is truly inspiring!

Cautions: Honestly, Kelly Clarkson has very little objectionable content in her songs.  However, “Because of You” is much more pessimistic than the others mentioned.  As stated above, the music video does add more hope to it.  However, the intensity in the video is extremely high.  There is also one mild swear word in the song.  Several times a mild swear word is used in “People Like Us.”

Overall, American Idol’s first winner not only has outstanding music but also uplifting lyrics.  One of my favorite artists, Kelly Clarkson addresses issues and groups of people that are usually forgotten or rejected.  I would recommend all of these songs and many of her other ones to all of those looking for hopeful, catchy, and touching music.

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