One Thousand Thanks: 35 – 48. Imperfect Blessings

One Thousand Thanks: Imperfection

I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect – they are much more interesting. – Marc Jacobs

Ugh.  I was disgusted with myself when I realized yesterday that I forgot to do Thankfulness Thursday.  My negative self-talk kicked into gear.  How could I make such a mindless error?

However, I am not perfect and life is not either.  Thus, I decided to attempt to be compassionate with myself.  So instead of Thankfulness Thursday, here is Thankfulness Friday.  To match my own human failing, I am listing things that are imperfect but still wonderful.35.  Trees.  I love to climb and look at trees especially birches, maples, red pines, and weeping willows.  However, these majestic living towers are not perfect.  Their bark flakes off, limbs fall down, and they change with each season.  However this makes them all the more lovely.

36. Oil and Chalk Pastels are my favorite mediums to create art with.  However, they are messy and easily smudge.  Using them can be frustrating or an adventure; you get to choose.

37. Unpaved Wooded Paths are uneven, full of animal droppings, and overgrown.  If you dare to hike them, you will be transported to another mystical land.

38. Pippin from The Lord of the Rings.  I love that guy.  He always makes me smile although he often does foolish things.  Everyone needs a hobbit in their lives.

39. Bed Sheets and Blankets never are as smooth as I want them to be no matter how hard I tug at them.  They also do not fold as easily as it seems they should.  However the cool feel of light sheets and warm hug of a blanket help  me to sleep through each night.

40. Making Videos with Friends.  Anyone who saw some of our old videos would think that we were crazy – High School Musical plumber style, commercials for broken hangers, etc.  However, we had great fun even if everyone else was miffed.

41. Children’s Artwork.  No young child creates a masterpiece.  But there is something beautiful and honest about their creativity on paper.

42.  Mario’s Singing drives everyone in my family crazy sometimes.  However my little brother has music inside of him and sometimes he sounds like a little angel.  Other times, he sounds like a crazed animal but I still love it.

43. My Dad’s Pronunciation  of certain words (specialty, fajita, etc) is anything but perfect.  However it makes us all laugh and say them incorrectly in public.

44. Christine’s dancing is pretty good.  In fact, she would be an amazing dancer if she kept at it.  However, when she is dancing for fun, one can not help but giggle at all of her silly moves and excitement.

45. Maria’s Rosy Cheeks.  Growing up, my sister was often sick and had the brightest cheeks because of it.  Sometimes her face flushes prettily but brightly again.  She is so beautiful even so.

46. My Mom’s Memory.  Now, my mom is brilliant.  However, she sometimes struggles to remember things.  Although frightening, this is also humorous and we all have to laugh.

47. My Cat’s Entrance and Exit.  The cats will wait at the door and then take several minutes to go out or come in.  We are not sure why but it is as endearing as annoying.

48. My Hair.  Although it is not as blonde as I wish it was, my hair is one part of my body that I really like.  Often, I will tell people that it is golden not dishwater blonde.

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