One Thousand Thanks: 49 – 61. Summer Days

One Thousand Thanks: 49 - 61. Summer Days

Enjoying the season of summer

Summer – the time that Minnesotans (and other people) long for through the cold winter and then complain about when the heat swelters.  Yet even in the humidity and oven-like temperatures, there is much to be grateful for in this beautiful season.  Thus I decided to spend Thankfulness Thursday listing off my favorite parts about summer.

49. Swimming in the clean flowing river, our weed-filled large pond, a sandy State Park beach, or a child-filled noisy pool – you cannot have summer without enjoying the water.  My favorite place to swim is our river but I do enjoy the rope swing in our pond and diving into a pool.

50. Going barefoot is something that I do every season but it is the best during these hot days.  The feeling of grass under my toes or sticky tar on my soles cannot be replaced by any other sensation.

51. Ripe wild raspberries are so much fun to pick although5 you have to beware of the staining juice and prickly thorns.  I used to love to eat them and am starting to do so more often again.

52. The green everywhere – on trees, grass, bushes, plants – reminds me of life and energy.

53. Ice cream cones are something that I used to love.  Sadly, I hate ice cream now because of binging on it so often.  However, I did enjoy some ice cream with my family once this summer and it brought back great memories.

54. No layers of clothing are needed when you get dressed for the day.  With my Aspergers, I hate the sensation of most fabrics on my skin.  Thus, summer is the perfect time for simply wearing a t-shirt and skirt.

55. Sundresses fill my closet.  All through the winter, I long to wear them so when I finally get the chance, I love to look as summery as possible.

56. Hummingbirds, oriels, and other birds return after the cold months.  My mom has several feeders so we can enjoy these beautiful creatures.

57. Gardens full of flowers start to blossom in the spring but are in rich in colors in the summer.  Since childhood, I have picked these flowers for my mother.

58. Air conditioning feels refreshing after being out in the hot sun.

59. Parades are a bit frightening and overwhelming for me.  However they also hold wonderful childhood memories.  Thus, I enjoy watching them for certain lengths of time.

60. Theater, Horse, or other camps were the way I spent numerous summers.  Although I do not any more, I still have fantastic memories of them.

61. Sunshine – you cannot forget this vital part of the summer!  Not only does it lighten my hair, it also lightens my spirits.

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