Recovery in Media: #7. Josh Groban Songs

Josh Groban Songs

Deep and hauntingly beautiful, Josh Groban’s songs tell tales of heartache and hope.

7. Josh Groban Songs

When I first began private voice lessons, one of the songs my teacher assigned me was “Thankful” by Josh Groban.  Curious, I researched him and immediately loved his smooth warm tone.  He is very unique compared to other singers today.  In fact, it almost seems like he is from another era.  Not only is his voice rich and beautiful, his songs are often full of hope and meaning.  Thus, I decided to compile a short list of my favorites that have helped me with recovery.

Selected Songs:  

  • “You Raise Me Up” from his Closer album
  •  “You are Loved (Don’t Give Up)” from his Awake album
  • “So She Dances” from his Awake album
  • “Thankful” from his Noel Christmas album
  • “Brave” from his All That Echoes album

Recovery Pluses:  When people think of Josh Groban, the first song that probably comes to mind is “You Raise Me Up.”  A powerful anthem of trust, the listener can choose who to direct this song at – a loyal friend, God, their spouse, a parent.  Whoever you think of, the lyrics of this song remind us of those who comfort, strengthen, and guide us through difficult times.  I know that there are numerous people who have helped me to “cross the stormy sea” of struggles in my life.  Thus, “You Raise Me Up” reminds us to appreciate those who help us as we continue to rise up to meet daily challenges.

Turning to the supporter’s point of view, “You are Loved (Don’t Give Up)” comforts and offers care to someone who is in the dark.  Although the singer laments that he “can’t heal” the struggling listener, Josh still begs us to remember that we are loved so we shouldn’t give up.  Even if you feel unloved, I promise there are people (some you do not even know such as me) who truly care for you.  This song deeply touches me because it address the hurt, loneliness, and darkness in life but still clings to the truth that beauty, love, and light are stronger.

Meanwhile “So She Dances” is about watching a graceful girl who dances in response to life.  More than a simple love song, this song speaks a beautiful message to me about how people can respond to situations.  This woman chooses to dance through each day and the singer longs to join her.  My mother thought I would be a dancer before she had me.  Sadly, I have little talent in that area.  However, I believe that the metaphor of being a flexible and stronger dancer through our lives can be helpful for everyone.

“Thankful” presents another wonderful way to look at life and the world around us.  This song admits that life is indeed painful and difficult.  Yet, it clings fast to the belief that we have many blessings in our lives.  Too often we are blind to the beauty and joy around us.  During this song, Josh speaks of hope, helping others, letting go of self-pity, and never closing our eyes to wonders around us.  So often, I get caught up in the darkness that I see.  This song reminds me that I need to do my part to bring light to others without despairing.

Finally, one of Josh Groban’s latest hits is “Brave.”  Once again, this song speaks of hope and living a full life.  Although the person he sings to fears the future, he encourages them to stand strong instead of running away.  Despite their anxiety, Josh seems positive that they will find “a reason to brave.”  Without pressuring too strong or being harsh, this song pushes listeners to face their fears instead of hiding or running away.  Thus, as with the rest of the Josh Groban songs, “Brave” brings a great deal of hope, motivation, and joy to me.

Cautions: Barely any objectionable or questionable themes are in any Josh Groban songs.

Overall, Josh Groban is a refreshing unique artist who fills his songs with depth and beauty.  His rich voice carries so much emotion and sincerity which makes his work even better.  Although he is not an up-beat artist that one can rock out to, his songs offer hope, promises of love, and understanding.  Thus, I would recommend listening to these five songs and his other works.  You will not be disappointed!

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2 thoughts on “Recovery in Media: #7. Josh Groban Songs

  1. WHAT’S not to love about Josh!! Love his music….Interesting when we are in recovery, MUSIC does play a part in our healing. When we actually listen to the words in songs, they have meaning that attribute to what may be going on in our life. Myself, I also love Mary J Blige…her song: “No More Drama” I was beginning treatment for the 2nd time from my addiction, and the words to that song FIT exactly of how I felt about my life at the time!!…..Tired of all the pain, wanting to be free from my addiction………Thanks for another great Post! *Catherine* 🙂

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