One Thousand Thanks: 73 – 83. Pleasant Surprises

Thanks 73 - 83: Pleasant Surprises

Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise. – Alice Walker

Normally I am not a fan of surprises.  My Aspergian brain needs a schedule that is followed dutifully.  Thus when something new and unexpected pops up, I am at a loss of how to do and how to respond.  Flustered, I often am overwhelmed with anxiety and confusion.

However, there are times when I am pleasantly surprised by something wonderful my family or friends do for me or something that unexpectedly happens in my life.   This happened yesterday with an unexpected bonus at work.  Thus, I decided to make good surprises the theme of Thankfulness Thursday this week.

73. My work bonus from yesterday was an unexpected treat.  Sure, everyone got one but I still feel honored that my work meant so much to the little (but amazing) organization that I work at.

74. Receiving Princess, my cat, for my twentieth birthday.  I had just moved into residential treatment three days before so I was not at home to enjoy her for three months.  However, I had begged my mom for a cat for years and was shocked to finally be given one.  She was one of the reasons that I loved having short visits home.  She would sleep on my lap even on 45 minute car trips between my house and the treatment center.

75. Christine coming home for Thanksgiving Fall 2011 was unexpected.  She had planned to go elsewhere instead of making the long trip from Michigan to our home.  But her schedule changed and she came back to Minnesota.  Although I was in residential, I spent time with her and my family.

76. Mario’s birth was a shock to everyone.  Ten years younger than my youngest sister, he was a little miracle who has grown into a caring adventurous young man.

77. Being cast as Cinderella at an amazing theater company was a dream come true.  I will never forget the joy of playing that role especially when I felt like a untalented, ugly, fat loser going into the audition.  The incredible director saw something special in me and helped me to bring that out on stage.

78. Being named “Toastmaster of the Year” was an honor I never would have dreamed of even a few months ago.  I am so thankful to my amazing club and all I have learned from them.

79. Discovering my cooking skill has been very fun and rewarding.  I never would have guessed that I would be able to create the meals that I have these past few months.

80. Finding colorful shells along the riverbank has been the highlight of many summers.  Most shells are white but some glimmer pink, purple, or orange.

81. Catching a soft-shelled turtle a few summers ago was amazing.  They are very interesting creatures and almost do not look like turtles.  I found one in the St. Croix River once and it made my day.  Don’t worry, I put it back in the water.  Here is a link to a picture and information about them: soft-shelled turtles.

82. Rainbows do not happen too often but when they do, there is something magical about them.  I always am surprised to see one but enjoy it immensely.

83. 100 blog followers just came about yesterday.  Not counting Facebook, Twitter, and comments, I finally have 100 followers!  I was surprised and ecstatic to see that number.  I have no idea who the one-hundredth person was but I would love to know if you want to leave a comment.  😉  Anyway, thank you so much to each and every one of my followers!  You mean so much to me!

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