Recovery in Media. #9. Sara Bareilles Songs

Recovery in Media: #9. Sara Bareilles Songs

Along with numerous love songs, Sara Bareilles has many raw beautiful ballads about strength.

9. Sara Bareilles Songs

The first time I heard Sara Bareilles’ unique voice, I fell in love with it.  I was sitting in a music therapy group while in residential treatment.  When the therapist played “King of Anything,” I knew that I had to listen to more music by that artist.  In doing so, I have come to enjoy the depth and passion in her songs.  Although I cannot claim to heard every one of her works, I very much enjoy the ones that I have listened to and thought that she would be a great .

Selected Songs:  

  • “King of Anything” from her Kaleidoscope Heart album
  • “Little Black Dress” from The Blessed Unrest album
  • “Uncharted” from Kaleidoscope Heart album
  • “Brave” from her The Blessed Unrest album
  • “Inside Out” from her Careful Confessions album
  • “Satellite Call” from her The Blessed Unrest album

Recovery Pluses:  Without being cruel or judgmental, “King of Anything” refuses to to let a controlling person to be in charge.  The singer confidently distances herself from the unhelpful man who wants to boss her around.  This upbeat and gutsy song also has a deeper side as Sara laments that she has tried to help others all her life while she “just hurts and hides waiting for someone” to let her decide for herself.  Thus, this song has become an anthem for me of taking power away from unhealthy people and behaviors.

In a similar way, “Little Black Dress” responds to a guy who has treated her cruelly and broken up with her.  However instead of moping, the singer states that she is “more than just someone’s puppet” and decides to still enjoy life.  Having fun by herself, she puts her little black dress on and dances by herself.  Although this song might be taken as hiding one’s emotions, I think that it is more about refusing to let life knock you down and feeling beautifully confident even when someone hurts you.

Although seemingly lost, the singer decides to does not give up in “Uncharted.”  Sure, she is not sure where her life is headed and she is “out of foolproof ideas.”  But she is views her life as uncharted and decides to take risks as she searches for her purpose.  Once again, this upbeat song has a confident strength even in its uncertainty which gives me comfort on days where I am very confused about my path in life.

One of the newest songs by Sara, “Brave” challenges people to not become bitter or dark because of their pain.  Instead she asks them to “says what you want to say and let the words fall out.”  Instead of becoming unkind or fearful, people are told to be brave by speaking up and not giving in by being silent.  I love how this song extols speaking up without being hurtful or controlling of others.

In a more painful place, “Inside Out” is about a person who is in a very dark place.  However, she is able to say that “some days are perfect and some days it could not be worse” and realize that life has it ups and downs.  Although she feels “like nothing at all,” she promises that she will be strong and will keep loving “from the inside out.”  Many times when I am feeling lost and hurt, this song helps remind me to not give up and continue to love those around me.

Finally, “Satellite Call” is written for all of those who are deeply hurting.  In it, Sara Bareilles says that she thinks of them and that they are not alone or unloved.  When you are feeling deserted or uncared for, this song can help remind you that there are others who feel similarly and that there is someone who does indeed think about you.  I am so thankful to Sara for making such a touching and healing song!

Cautions: Some of Sara Bareilles’ other songs contain a bit more mature content but not too much.  The only caution with these songs is that there is one swear word in “Uncharted.”

Overall, Sara Bareilles not only has a beautiful unique voice; she also has a raw vulnerability in her songs which makes them very powerful.  Her musical style alone would be reason enough to look her up.  When you add messages of resilience, strength, and hope, you have an amazing artist with great songs!

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6 thoughts on “Recovery in Media. #9. Sara Bareilles Songs

  1. autisticook says:

    Are you familiar with the Loud Hands Project?

    “King of Anything” fits beautifully with the message of the video.

    It made me cry.

  2. She is an excellent artist and King of anything is one of my favorite songs (The first song to start off my “vibez” playlist) and it was great seeing how much of a positive effect she has on you and your life. If she was reading this she would be captivated by your post. Thanks.

  3. Thank you for sharing your love of Sara Bareilles. I have never heard of her but I’m always up for listening to good music.
    Have a great week Annarose 🙂

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