One Thousand Thanks: 118 – 128. School Days

Thanks: 118 - 128. School Days

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to lie forever. – Mahatma Gandhi

My first day of school, I was up bright and early waiting excitedly.  New to homeschooling, my mom refused to teach me until breakfast was finished.  According to her, I cried because I wanted to begin right then at 5:30.  Why did I have to wait to start learning?

Ever since then, I have loved school.  Learning, writing, discussing, and reading all fill me with joy.  My inquisitive nature draws me to people and places that can teach me new things.  However, I also fear school.  After being homeschooled my whole life, I went off to college.  Alone in a stampede of people, my Anorexia took a sharp turn for the worse and my anxiety grew.  Would I ever fit in here?  Am I not good enough for this school?  What should I do?

After taking a full year off and only going part-time the last two semesters, I am returning back to the university.  Fear mixed with excitement has overwhelmed me as the day approaches.  However, I am trying to remind myself of all of the joy I have received from school in the past.  Since this is my last Thankfulness Thursday before starting classes, I decided to focus on the joys of schooling.

118. Learning new things always excites me.  Even subjects I do not prefer become wonderful in my mind if I find out something unique, unknown, or surprising about them.

119. Professors at my university are amazing!  I have never had trouble with any of them.

120. Having a reason to get out of bed always helps me to feel less depressed.

121. School Books are expensive but many of them are fascinating.

122. Practice for a job is a major part of studying.  This helps me feel more secure about the future.

123. Our lovely camps is amazing to walk around on with a lake, trees, flowers, and more.

124. Working as a team is hard for me.  However doing it in school has been a very good learning experience.

125. Structure and routine adds order and peace to my life.  I know when I have to next instead of being confused about what the day holds for me.

126. Deep discussion stimulates my brain and helps open up my mind to possibilities I had never though about.

127. The diversity of classes to choose from is rather overwhelming but so exciting!

128. Back to school outfit shopping with my mother has been a tradition for years.  This year we went for a pedicure insteadl

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11 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 118 – 128. School Days

  1. 80smetalman says:

    It’s good to see you’re sticking with it, keep it up ;0)

  2. Good luck now that you’re back in school! College experiences are truly memorable. It’s one of those times where you can learn and have fun at the same time 🙂

  3. keep it looking at the positive aspects of school. 🙂

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