One Thousand Thanks: 129 – 140. Love of Learning

Thanks 129 - 140

Try to learn something about everything and everything about something. – Thomas Huxley

Well, I completed it.  My first day of school is done and I am off on my second one today!  Although there were many difficult parts, I got through the day unscathed and even a bit excited for some of my assignments.  My love of learning sometimes wins out over fear, anxiety, and perfectionism.  Hopefully, that inquisitive nature will continue to grow stronger.

Thus for Thankfulness Thursday, I am going to focus on things that I love to learn, just learned, and so forth.  It will maybe be a bit shorter than usual because I am very drained from yesterday and leaving home early today.  But I am still certainly thankful for each of the items on this list.

129. Picking up on social cues is something that I learn slowly as I observe people.  Some of this I learned also by trail and error which was very painful.  However, when I learn this in positive ways, it helps me greatly.

130. Random facts about anything always make me excited.  Honestly, almost any fact will make me feel a little wiser and more curious.

131. Grammar has been causing me a great deal of stress but I know that it is a very useful and important skill.  Humans have this unlike any other creature we know of and that is a great gift to be thankful for.

132. Math is even scarier than grammar but it is so critical to learn.  Without it, we would be very lost indeed.

133. Meaning of names helps me to understand people.  Although people do not always fit their name, having a background gives me a starting point for talking with them.

134. What’s your favorite and other such questions are so fun to ask!  I love to learn more about what people like.

135. Piano and reading music was a very valuable skill that I learned at a young age.  Although I don’t practice much anymore, I loved learning music for years.

136. Philosophy gets me to think about my purpose in life.  It also helps to understand others.

137. Those “Aha” moments when you finally get something make all of the hard work worth it.

138. When I assume the worst in a situation and find out I was wrong, I feel a bit silly but also relieved.

139. When you teach someone and they finally learn it, the look of joy on their face is beautiful.  That was the reason I wanted to be a teacher for awhile.

140. Professors who learn from you are the best.  They are open to others despite (or perhaps because of) their great wisdom.

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7 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 129 – 140. Love of Learning

  1. 80smetalman says:

    Well done on surviving your first day. Celebrate with a glass of wine.

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