Recovery in Media: #12. Rascal Flatts

Recovery in Media: #12. Rascal Flatts

Catchy yet deep, this band creates music that is easy to enjoy.

12. Selected Rascal Flats Songs

Growing up, I loved listening to music but did not hear a wide variety.  Concerned about our formation, my parents carefully chose what media my sisters and I were exposed to at home.  However, as we grew older, us three girls began to explore our own tastes while still using good judgement.  While I danced to musicals and soundtracks, my sisters began to listen to country.  Although I do not enjoy this genre as much as Christine and Maria, I do listen to a few artists from it.  One of my favorite country groups is Rascal Flatts.  Some of their songs simply are fun and catchy while others hold a deeper meaning.  Several of their songs motivate me in my recovery so I decided to write about them for this Media Monday.

Selected Songs:  

    • “Bless the Broken Road” from their Feels Like Today album
    • “My Wish” from their Me and My Gang album
    • “Why” from their Unstoppable album
    • “I Won’t Let Go” from Nothing Like This album
    • “Stand” from her Me and My Gang album

Recovery Pluses:  One of the Rascal Flatts’ most famous songs, “Bless the Broken Road” speaks about realizing that all of the heartaches and trials in life brought them to their true love.  Although the romantic in nature, this song can also be viewed as being thankful for the difficulties of life because they strengthened and created who one is today.  When I feel totally lost, this song comforts me with the reminder that something better is in store and present struggles are preparing me for an amazing future.

For my birthday last year, Christine dedicated “My Wish” to me.  Whenever I listen to it, I pretend that she is singing it to me.  I suggest that if you listen to this song, you think of a loved one saying the words to you.  It brings a beautiful sense of hope and encouragement.  The wishes and blessings from the singer of this song include dreams staying big, worries staying small, and remembering that someone loves you.  Sure, you can think it is a bit corny but I think that it is beautiful!

On the other hand, “Why” is a heartbreaking song that always makes me cry.  Based on a relative of one of the band members, it asks longingly but lovingly why a man committed suicide.  Without condemning the dead man, this song makes it very clear that taking your own life is not a solution for problems.  Also, “Why” reminders listeners that anyone who says that life is not worth the fight is wrong.  Yes, there is pain but there is also beauty and light in our world.

In a similar way, “I Won’t Let Go” reminds listeners that they are not alone in life.  The storm around you can be powered through along with the help of loved ones.  Although the rain falls down, the singer promises to stick beside their friend or loved one.  Similar to “My Wish,” this song comforts me when I am down.  Even if I am physically alone, it reminds me that others are on my side.

Lastly, “Stand” is a song about being courageous and not giving up no matter what live throws your way.  You may feel like you are at your breaking point but that is when even more power can be found within.  Instead of giving up, you will be able to face the challenges of life and be victorious.  I love how this song speaks about falling down but getting up wiser and stronger than ever.

Cautions: The Rascal Flatts are a fairly clean band with a few mentions of intimacy or alcohol in some of their songs. “Why” does deal with the heavy topic of suicide.

Although I am not the biggest country fan, the Rascal Flatts have become one of my favorite bands.  With their pop-country style, fun beats, and optimistic lyrics, there is very little not to enjoy from them.  Even if this isn’t your usual genre, I would suggest listening to a few of their songs.  You might be pleasantly surprised.  I know that I was when I first heard their catchy and encouraging music!

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