One Thousand Thanks: 141 – 156. Birthday Blessings

One Thousand Thanks: 141 - 156. Birthday Blessings

Flowers, especially roses, are often given to me for my Birthday.

First of all, I want to say thank you to all of my amazing readers for the birthday wishes.  Sunday was an amazing peaceful day.  For the most part, I took a break from my anxiety and allowed joy to prevail.  No, that day was not perfect but no day is.   Overall, however, I started this new year of life wonderfully.

So, it only made sense to spend Thankfulness Thursday reminding myself and telling you about my Birthday.  This is not simply a list of the gifts I opened although a few of them are on this list.  Instead, I focused this post on the small but beautiful elements of life that make it better.  As I have started the busy schedule of school once again, I am finding that little pleasures mean a great deal.

141. Walking and listening to nature brings me so much joy.  Since childhood, I have felt most at peace when outside.

142. Refreshing warm showers even on a warm day calm you down.  Instead of rushing to be ready for class, I simply enjoyed the water for a little while.

143. Reading the Sunday paper is a weekly habit.  After highlighting and analyzing text books, reading for fun was so enjoyable!

144. Croquet set up impossibly hard, mallets in the hands of rambunctious siblings, balls of similar colors – what could go wrong?  This fun but challenging game reminded me of how much I love my family.

145. Maria calling from another state surprised and elated me.  I have missed my sister so much so hearing from her delighted me!

146. Christine coming home for the weekend also brought great joy.  She lights up everyone around her!

147. Candle Birthday blessings is a special tradition in my family.  We set out the correct amount of candles and then people take turns putting them in the cake.  With each lit candle, the person lighting it says an honoring or blessing for the birthday celebrator.  Although the candles this year melted quickly making this ceremony rushed, the words of my family meant a lot.

148. Facebook comments help me to feel less alone in the world on my special day.

149. Barely any homework remained on Sunday because I finished it quickly beforehand.

150. Starting the morning with church blessed me greatly as always on Sundays.

151. The present from Mario was bought with his own money.  Sure, it was from Goodwill but it still touched me.

152. Tickets to The Phantom of the Opera give me something to look forward to this winter.

153. Playing board games as a family was a fantastic way to end the evening.  Some of my favorites are Apples to Apples, Like it or Lump it, Scategories, and Life.

154. Indian food prepared by my mother was delicious.  Although nervous, I ate it with my family.

155. Giligan’s Island may be years old but I love that show.  Receiving the second season of it brought a big smile to my face and will add many laughs to my life.

156. Colton Dixon’s CD Messenger awed me when I first began to hear it.  One of the few things on my list, I excited unwrapped it.  Today, I listened to it while doing school.

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7 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 141 – 156. Birthday Blessings

  1. 80smetalman says:

    Glad you had a good birthday

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