The Movie of My Life

The Movie of My Life

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Acting has been a outlet and enjoyment for me for years.  Although I have not ever auditioned for anything serious, I still dream about being in movies sometimes.  When a Daily Prompt from The Daily Post addressed who would be cast in the movie of my life, I loved the idea.  So, even though this is from August, I am writing in response to Ready for Your Close-up.  Here is the cast list of my life with links to the actors’ IMDB pages.

Note: I wish that I could add ever person that I know to this list.  However, I only cast my family a.  Every single one of you is amazing and special to me!  

  • Evvna Lynch as Me – Partly I love her story of recovering from anorexia.  But I also think she would bring out the daydreaming part of me.
  • Dennis Quaid as my Dad – There is something strong but gentle about both of them.
  • Kim Rhodes as my Mom – This was tough.  Maybe she could pull off the resilience and tenderness.
  • Amanda Bynes as my sister Christine – Just thinking back to how she was in movies, there is no one who would be more fun in this role than Amanda.
  • AnnaSophia Robb as my sister Maria – She has a sparkle about her just like my lovely sister.
  • Max Charles as Mario Meeds – He is so very cute!
  • Angela Lansbury as my Grandma – She is so sweet.
  • Dakota Fanning as my friend Taylor – They look a bit alike and Dakota could play a sweet character like Taylor.
  • Anne Hathaway as my friend Ruth – Once my favorite actress, Anne would have to play my childhood friend.

I hope to keep adding to this list.  It is certainly not finished yet.


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