One Thousand Thanks. 157 – 167. Current Events

So earlier this week, I wrote about the news and how depressing I found it.  Listening to the radio for class still has bothered me the last few days.  So many of the stories going on are frightening and heart-wrenching.  Sometimes, I feel tempted to give up.  Could there be anything good going on with all of the bad in the world?

However, I need to stop then and remind myself of the beauty and kindness around me.  Small things like a vibrant blue bird as well as larger joys like running into an old friend still fill my life.  So, I decided to go on a small mission and find current events that I am thankful for.  Yes, we need to know about negative news but we also need to remember the light in this world.

157. Exploration of space is becoming more of a possibility.  I longed to be an astronaut growing up and still love hearing about new findings in our galaxy.

158. Cures to diseases continue to be found.  Every day, many people work diligently to discover them.

159. Awareness of mental illness grows slowly but surely as more advocates speak out.

160. Stronger flue shots are being used this year.  Many other types of medicine have grown more efficient as well.

161. A new type of bacteria was discovered in Antarctica.  This muddy being might tell us more about the world and certainly Antarctica.  Here is a link to the article.

162. Celebrations of birth might seem corny but still are beautiful.  With the royal baby, there has been a great deal of focus on this which is fun and sweet.

163. The memory and legacy of the brave people during 9/11 is very tragic.  However, the way we honor them today brings hope and helps to rebuild lives.

164. Demi Lovato’s new book comes out soon.  With the advocacy that she does, I imagine that it will be wonderful!

165. Better relationships between young adults and their parents  are becoming more normal.  As children stay at home longer, they learn to communicate better with their parents.  I wish I had a link to this article.

166. Less crime has been reported in several neighborhoods in the capital of my state.

167. Increased employment is not huge but it is a start.  This give me more confidence about my future.

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