The Liebster Award

The Leibster Award

The Leibster Award

After a challenging few days at school, I was so excited to come home and see that I had been nominated for another award.  This time it is the Liebster Award from Finding Beauty in Spite of Myself.   Her blog is wonderful!  I advise that you all go and check it out.  This award is for beginning bloggers with 200 or less followers.  This is very exciting to receive because I am almost at 200 (unless you count Facebook and Twitter which brings my numbers up) but not quite there.

For the past few days, I have debated posting about awards or other content.  So before I accept this award, I wanted to just say a few words.  This is an issue that has been bugging me a great deal recently.

Lately, you may have noticed that my blogs have been shorter.  With all of the work from school, jobs, commuting, medical appointments, and other responsibility, I have barely been able to sleep much less blog.  However this means so much to me and all of you mean even more.  Thus, I want to apologize that the length and quality of my writing has been sub-par.  Honestly, it makes me really miserable not to have the time to spend crafting my words.  I refuse to give this up though and will continue to try to add a little bit of light into the world.

Anyway, here are the rules of the award!  They are fairly simple and fun.  After that, I will answer the questions from Mom of 3 is Nuts/Finding Beauty in Spite of Myself.  Finally, I will nominate more bloggers and ask them questions.

The rules:

  • Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
  • Answer the 10 questions given to you by the nominator.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
  • Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them

 My answers to the questions:

1. If you could have any super power, what would it be? Why?  I would love to be able to fly.  Often I wander through the woods and long to be soaring overhead.  That freedom and view would be so amazing!

2. Which three people, living or not, would you invite to dinner? Why?  Oh, that is difficult.  The first people that came into my head are William Shakespeare, Jesus, and Socrates.  I respect all three greatly and think that I could learn so much from each of them.  Shakespeare has been such a huge inspiration to me.  Jesus carries me through difficulties.  And I am learning about Socrates right now in school.  Although I do not agree with everything he thought, I believe that he was a wise, courageous  and strong man.  Also I would like to see these three men react to one another.  It would be interesting.

3. Climbing? or Zip Lining? I enjoy climbing but I think that I would like to zip line because it would be nearer to flying.

4. If money were no object, what would you do all day? I would travel and buy gifts for my loved ones all around the world.  Also, I would have fun spending money helping others.  There are so many things I could do for others like buying families groceries, getting college students cars, giving poor children toys, and so on.

5. What has been your biggest challenge?  My biggest challenge so far has been starting the process of recovery from depression, anxiety, Anorexia, compulsive over-eating, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and PTSD.

6. If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?  There are so many times that come to mind.  I think that I would like to travel back to 1930ish to go to Oxford and be taught by C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien.  

7. If you could stay a certain age forever, what age would that be?  Usually I say that I would be 5.  That was a happy time.  However, I am beginning to not be so sure.  Perhaps there are so good things to growing up.

8. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? I wish that I could learn to speak Korean and Chinese.

9. When you have 30 minutes of free time, how do you pass the time?  Right now?  I blog.  Sometimes I read or just lie down to get some rest.

10. What do you find beautiful?  I find everything and everyone beautiful in unique ways.  I have yet to meet anyone or see anything so disgusting or dark that there is no beauty in it.

Here are my nominations now!  They are also all fantastic and reccomended by me.

  1. Aspie Story
  2. Kate[Marie]Heroff
  3. Reformation and Restoration
  4. Recovery Ramblings of Author Catherine Lyon
  5. Lisa’s Dreams
  6. Forever Going Forward
  7. Life as I know it
  8. My Ongoing Struggle
  9. Aspermama
  10. Living with the Noon Day Demon

Here are the questions for all of these nominees:

  1. What is one thing that you learned that you thought was useless but turned out to be helpful?
  2. If you were a color, what would you be?  Why?
  3. If you could live one moment again, what would it be?
  4. If you could have a talk with one famous person who is still alive, who would it be?
  5. How do you usually dress and why do you dress that way?
  6. What is one song, band/artist, movie, and TV show that you secretly love although it is embarrassing?
  7. What makes you really angry?
  8. How do you manage intense feelings?
  9. If you could say one thing to yourself as a child, what would you say?
  10. What kind of flower makes you the happiest?

9 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Congratulations 🙂 Don’t feel too bad about not being able to post in-depth posts because you’re tired. I’m sure people understand as we all get tired from time to time 🙂

  2. eshuberty says:

    Thanks for the nom! It’s on my page and I’ll finish the rest later tonight or tomorrow morning!

  3. Aspermama says:

    To be honest, I haven’t found your posts to be sub-par at all. They are so thoughtful and inspiring. Glad to hear you’re going to keep at it.

  4. THANKS AGAIN my Sweet friend for *THE LIEBSTER AWARD NOM* Hugs & Blessings!
    *Author, Catherine Lyon*

  5. […] and hope.  If you have not read it yet, I suggest that you do so.  Previously I wrote about this award when I received it, but I hope that you do not mind me accepting and sending it on […]

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