Recovery in the Media. #15. Demi Lovato Songs

Demi Lovato

An advocate and inspiration, Demi Lovato’s struggles and strengths are present in her music.

15. Selected Demi Lovato Songs

Camp Rock was the first time I heard about Demi Lovato.  Although I thought the movie cute but corny, I paid little attention to her as I did to most celebrities.  However, she began treatment for her eating disorder, other addictions, and bipolar right before and during my slide into Anorexia.  Suddenly, I knew that my struggle was not alone or in vain.  Watching her fight her way back up victoriously has given me courage numerous times.  Also her song, “Skyscraper,” became an anthem while in residential.  Thus, it only seemed right to feature her and her most uplifting songs on Media Monday.

Selected Songs:  

    • “Skyscraper” from her Unbroken album
    • “La La Land” from her Don’t Forget album
    • “Believe in Me” from her Don’t Forget album
    • “Unbroken” from her Unbroken album
    • “Warrior” from her Demi album

Recovery Pluses:  I have to start with my favorite song by Demi: “Skyscraper.”  This song speaks about the deep pain of bullying and depression.  However, the singer states that she is a skyscraper “rising from the ground.”  While in treatment, I listened to this song regularly and did some art with the lyrics.  Without glossing over the darkness, “Skyscraper” gave me hope for strength a fulfilling future as I grew stronger.

More upbeat, “La La Land” focuses on not conforming to people around you.  Although specifically focused on those in the spotlight (like Demi and other celebrities), this song can be helpful for anyone especially those who struggle with comparison.  Confident and sassy, it claims that being super skinny or rich is not the goal of life.  Instead of changing based on her environment, Demi sings that the world around her will change while she remains the same.  Although I constantly try to grow in health and hope, I also remember this song’s message; I will touch the world around me instead of it shaping me negatively.

Less sure, “Believe in Me” finds the artist wanting to trust herself but feeling frightened and confused.  In the mirror and to all her fans, she might look good but inside, she hurts.  Each time I hear this, I relate very deeply.  What makes this tender, honest song even better is the hopeful ending.  Someone truly can get to a place of loving themselves.

Different from the others on this list, this next single might not be considered a recovery song.  “Unbroken” instead focuses on a romantic relationship.  However, I still think of it as helpful for those struggling.  In “Unbroken,” Demi decides to love someone completely despite being wounded in the past.  Although I never have been in a romantic relationship, this song relates to my life still.  Often I feel shattered and lost.  Yet I am still myself and I can live life and love others fully despite my feelings of unworthiness and failure.  One day, hopefully, I will be able to see myself as whole.  Until then, I care for others even though I feel broken.

Lastly, “Warrior” is on Demi’s newest album.  It speaks to her strength in fighting her mental health issues.  One doctor once called me “a little solider.”  We do indeed fight a battle inside all of the time simply to function.  Sometimes, I even struggle to stay alive each day.  This songs inspires me because it helps remind me that I am not alone and that in the end, the fight is worth every bit of pain.

Cautions: Some of Demi’s music has mature references and scattered swear words.

There are many other songs by Demi Lovato that are recovery-focused (such as “For the Love of a Daughter” which is to her alcoholic and abusive father), uplifting (“Me, Myself, and Time” states that we all move at our own pace in life), and just plain fun (I really like “Give Your Heart a Break” and many others).  Although I would not recommend all of her songs, I really love her as an artist.  She helped me through many times and inspires millions of people.  The world is a better place because of people like her!

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