Hatred or Humility?


Versatile Blogger Award

Wow, I love spreading around these awards! There are so many amazing bloggers on WordPress. To be honest, I feel rather guilty when I receive one because I read so many amazing bloggers.  However, I try to remember that this is about honoring others.  If you want to do this for others, you have to allow them to do it for you.

So I know that I won the Versatile Blogger Award before but this is a different one (I think).  Thank you so much to The Empathy Queen for her nomination!  Her blog is truly inspiring and beautiful.  I suggest that you click on the link and look at her blog.  I won this award a while ago so I am just going to link her.

But as I thought about my feelings about awards, I realized that this mentality pops up a lot in life.  Although I want to honor and serve others, I do not want them to do the same for me.  Or at least, I pretend not to want it.  Deep down, most of us long for recognition and love.  However, I know that at least I pretend to be ok alone.  Yes, I want to honor the good in others.  But can you do the same for me?  No, that isn’t right.

Now, I do not think that we should all become proud.  Humility is a beautiful thing that is difficult to embody.  My father always says, “The moment that you think you are humble enough, you have lost that humility.”

This is true.  Yet, being humble does not mean that you hate yourself.  Where would that get people?  Self-loathing is not a virtue so it cannot be true humility.

So what is humility?  How can one both love themselves and put others’ needs first?  When does one begin giving so much of themselves that they are harming more than helping?  What is a balance between confidence and pride?  Is it possible to love yourself but still be humble?

I am no philosopher but I believe that humility and positive self-worth are compatible.  Yes, the balance is difficult to find but not impossible.  After all, we have some examples of this: Eleanor Roosevelt, Joan of Arc, and so on.

Humility is not hating yourself or seeing yourself as a miserable worthless being.  Instead, it is viewing yourself in an honest light: not perfect, not awful.  We all have flaws and beauties, dreams and fears, virtues and vices.  When we put those in proportion, we can view ourselves honestly and with humility.

However, I know that getting to this place is extremely difficult.  So I am starting with little steps in the right direction.  When I accomplish something notable, I try to let myself feel happy but also remember those who helped me.  If I fail at a task, I attempt to look at how I can accomplish what is needed and find a way to comfort myself while still remembering not to make the same mistake again.  When I begin comparing myself to someone else either favorably or negatively, I try to check myself.  They are different distinct people.  I will never look, act, or accomplish anything the same as someone else.

I invite you all to join me in this pursuit of true humility linked with self-worth.  When I honor others, I should also give them the chance to care for me if they wish.  If we love others and they return that honor, the world can slowly fill with people caring for and respecting others without guilt or self-hate.


4 thoughts on “Hatred or Humility?

  1. This is AMAZING!! You wrote so beautifully and expressed this quite eloquently.
    Thank you for the compliment that you paid to me as well.

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