Cat Anxiety

Lexi licking Princess

Lexi licking his mother, Princess.

For some reason, I often feel ashamed when I admit that I love cats.  Perhaps it is the stereotype of the crazy cat lady that keeps me quiet.  Or perhaps the fact that dogs are supposedly more friendly, loyal, and lovable makes me feel like an outsider.

However the truth still remains that cats are my favorite type of animal.  The way they rub against your legs gently, purr nestled in your lap, snuggle up with you in bed – there is so much to love about these strong but caring creatures.

Yes, cats like their independence.  However I see this as an asset rather than a problem.  Despite my devotion to my pets, I do not want to have to care for them 24/7.  In fact, that would be impossible for anyone in my family.  Thus Lexi and Princess get to live happily indoors and outdoors.  They roam about in the forest at night because we live in the country.  Then they lounge about the house during the day.

Contrary to popular opinion, cats do like attention.  However, they do not demand it all of the time.  This can make them the perfect pet for many people such as my family.

So I am admitting to you, with a bit of trepidation, that I am a cat person.  My fear of expressing this is rather funny seeing as I disclose much more personal matters such as health, self-image, and mistakes made.  But for some reason, I fear people hating me because of my preference for cats.  I do like dogs, don’t get me wrong.  However, cats have snuggled into a special place in my heart that no dog can replace.

However, whatever type of pet you have, they can cause anxiety.  Right now I am very worried for my sweet Princess.  For several days now, I have not seen her.  My mother told me that she prowled about the house on Monday but I do not remember that.  As each hour passes, I grow more worried.

Our first cat, Angel, disappeared my first year of college.  During the winter, he simply never returned.  Although i still tear up thinking about him, I try to remind myself that he was thirteen.  However, we found him (or rather, he found me) a year to the day of my mother’s miscarriage.  Angel never could replace my little sibling but he held a special space in our family.

So now I am really worried that the same thing will happen to Princess.  Maybe if I kept in inside all of the time instead of letting her out, she would be more safe.  However, I am positive that my parents would never agree to that idea.  She still is little, only two years old and very petite.  Last night, I cried myself to sleep worrying about her.

Princess with two of her kittens

Princess with two of her kittens

So I wish that I could end this post on a hopeful note like I usually do.  However, I am consumed with worry and guilt concerning Princess right now.  If you would be willing to pray or think about this little cat, I would love it.  Although it sounds silly and my mother says she will be fine, I just cannot find the strength to believe that.  Right now I am so drained with other struggles in my life.  Fearing for the life of my cat feels like more than I can handle.  Hopefully I will be able to update you with good news later this week.  Until then, I will try to find my cat and maybe even admit to someone at school that I like cats.


7 thoughts on “Cat Anxiety

  1. I sincerely hope Princess finds her way home soon. I love cats and the thought of someone losing their beloved cat for any reason hurts. I only hope she returns. It will surely be a bright day then. Don’t be afraid to ask around and put the word out. Perhaps someone has seen her.

  2. jefairgrieve says:

    Hi, Anna Rose! I, like you, also have spent time worrying about my cats. The worrying is justifiable. It’s not silly. I’ve lost a lot of cats who have been indoor/outdoor kitties. However, as I tell myself, they have died doing what they wanted to do, spending their time doing what cats like to do. I live in an apartment now where cats are not allowed to roam, so my present cat stays inside except when I take her someplace. Indoor cats are subject to the cat version of a sedentary lifestyle. So any way one looks at it, life is life, and we just take it as it comes while trying to do the best we can. This is what I tell myself when I lose a kitty friend: “She had a good, loving home with me, and she had the best life I could give her. So no regrets, no guilt.” I hope this helps. Jean

  3. christine says:

    Okay dude there is absolutely nothing wrong with like cats! And that’s coming from me! Lol also, praying you find her – stick to the facts and don’t let yourself think beyond what you know into the dangerous world of imagination which is FALSE

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