One Thousand Thanks: 190 – 203. My Life in Books – Part One

Corduroy book

Books have had a huge impact on my life since birth.

One of the hardest parts of being in school for me is not having the extra time to read.  So many books lie stacked in my room that I long to start.  However informative and interesting, text for classes cannot replace classic literature, new novels, and random fact books.

Thankfulness Thursday is going to be about books today because I am missing them.  There are many works that I enjoy greatly.  This is just a starting list of books that I remember having a big impact on my life.  For each year of my life, I am going to try to think of one book that helped to define me.  Here is the first part.  Next Thursday, I will continue it.

190. The Velveteen Rabbit was a favorite story of mine growing up.  In fact, I begged my parents for years to get me a real rabbit.  When I lost my stuffed rabbit, I remained convinced that he had turned real. (Age 1)

191. Richard Scary’s Busy Town was another book that I loved growing up.  This taught me a bit of what life in the city would be like because I lived in the country. (Age 2)

192. Beauty and the Beastreminds me of my mother.  Growing up, she enjoyed this story.  I read many fairy tales when younger but this was my favorite for quite awhile. (Age 3)

193. Blueberries for Salis a very sweet story about a little girl going blueberry picking with her mother.  Along the way, she bumps into someone unexpected.  At this age, I was an adventurer like Sal who loved to eat fresh berries in the woods. (Age 4)

194. Corduroytells the tall of a stuffed bear in a huge store.  My love of animals continued to grow as did my sensitivity for anyone lonely or forgotten. (Age 5)

195. The Selfish Giant quickly became a favorite story of mine with the beautiful message of forgiveness and redemption.  I began to learn that people can be cruel but also kind.  When I began reading, this was one of the first books I started. (Age 6)

196. My Children’s Biblewas given to me on my First Communion.  Evidently, I sat down and read the entire thing the next day.  My faith has always been very important to me so this played a huge role in my life. (Age 7)

197. The Chronicles of Narnia bring back good and bad memories.  My father read them to us girls on camping trips.  These books inspired in me a spirit of imagination and exploration.  For years, I searched for a way into Narnia.  Although I loved them, the fact that Susan became “bad” really upset me.  To this day, I struggle with that aspect of the series. (Age 8)

198. Nancy Drew books continued to feed my longing for adventure.  Also, this detective proved that girls can be classy, smart, strong, kind, and confident.  Always a bit nosy, I like to pretend I am Nancy Drew sometimes and wish that I had a mystery to solve. (Age 9)

199. Spring Pearl and the other Girls of Many Lands books are not as well known as the American Girl series but they are from the same company.  China always holds a special place in my heart.  Receiving this books sparked my interest in history and traveling. (Age 10)

200. The Lord of the Rings is still my all-time favorite book.  Mystery, love, friendship, good, evil, struggle, fear, beauty – this world has it all!  So many times, I have identified with the characters and they helped me through tough times.  Even now, I cry watching how Frodo is wounded beyond repair and Gollum strives but fails to turn his life around for the better. (Age 11)

201. The Twelfth Night became my favorite Shakespeare play.  At this age, I slipped down into depression.  Tales filled with romance and other human interactions made Shakespeare appealing to me.  Through his works, I began to understand other people and their motives. (Age 12)

202. The Quiet Lightby Louis de Wohl taught me about St. Thomas Aquinas.  Not only did I come to respect this theologian, I also realized the power of silence and deep thought.  Analyzing and studying things increased in my life. (Age 13)

203. The Givershould be read by everyone.  This novel acknowledged the pain of emotions but also showed their importance.  During a tough time, this novel told things that I needed to know. (Age 14)

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8 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 190 – 203. My Life in Books – Part One

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  2. jefairgrieve says:

    I am thankful for YOU, Anna Rose! You are doing a great job with your blog. That one on your dinner experience was excellent, and I’m going to read it to my therapist tomorrow because I believe you are a source of inspiration to a lot of people who have the same problems you have. You are sure educating me regarding what it’s like to have an eating disorder. Because I’ve read your posts, I now have more understanding and compassion for people who suffer with eating disorders and aspergers.

    Until I began reading your posts, I simply had no understanding of how just eating a meal could be so difficult, and now I have some insight. When I go out to eat with a friend, it’s no big deal. I sit and eat and talk and don’t pay much attention to the eating part. I’m caught up in the conversation with my friend. But I’m beginning to understand now that your experience is very different from mine. Thank you so much for helping me achieve that insight. Your blog is really helping me, and i believe it’s helping a lot of other people. Bless you . . .

    • Wow, thank you so much! I am so glad that my blog is helping you! They are hard issues. When people like you are so willing to understand, that makes all the difference! Thank you!

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