Coping Skills. #15. Watching Humour

Sometimes, I am far too serious about life.  Instead of laughing at little mistakes I make, I cry or hurt myself.  When something unexpected happens, I panic rather than going with the flow with a smile.  Jokes often leave me confused rather than amused.

Finding humor in life is a trait that is difficult to have.  However, one can learn to develop it.  Slowly, I have started laughing at jokes instead of taking them literally.  When I mess up, I allow myself to be upset but then see some of the silliness in the situation.  Being lighthearted and ready to search for humor is daily life challenges me.  Often I fail at doing it.  But I have made progress and continue to try to see things in a childlike joyful way.

Finding that humor by yourself can be hard though.  So I need to rely on outside sources.  Finding someone or something to help you see the crazy fun in life is not as difficult as it seems.  You can turn to another person, a joke book, comedians, silly songs, etc.  The list could go on and on.  People enjoy being amused so finding  humor should not be too hard.

But there are times when I cannot find humor in myself and am too drained to search for it.  All I want is for something to come to me and help me right away.  One thing that can do this is comical movies, TV shows, or videos.

Now, I am pretty sensitive about the content that I view which makes me wary of some comedy.  Many clean out hilarious videos do exist if you search for them.  So, if you worried about dirty jokes, just do more research before viewing something.  Another thing to be aware of in these videos is offensive jokes.  For example, I hate when people make fun of mental illness, suicide, abuse, racism, and other such things.  If jokes begin to make you uncomfortable or angry, stop watching the video and find a better one.

Watching this silliness can not only be fun but also relaxing, uplifting, and stress-releasing.  Just be sure that you will not be offended or disgusted by the content.  If that happens, it totally negates the whole purpose of this coping skill.

Throughout this post, I have put some videos that I find very funny.  Hopefully you will enjoy them as well.  So, I want to encourage you to try watching a funny video if you are having difficulty finding humor in life.  No, it will not solve all your problems.  But it will distract you for a few moments to help lift your spirits.

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5 thoughts on “Coping Skills. #15. Watching Humour

  1. Elaine says:

    Great post! Thanks for the pingback to my site. That is very kind of you and I appreciate it.

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