One Thousand Thanks: 204 – 214. My Life in Books – Part Two

The Outlaws of Sherwood

Novels by Robin McKinley helped me view fairy tale heroines as strong, beautiful, hopeful women.

So this Thankfulness Thursday, I am finishing up my list of books that I am thankful for in each year of my life.  However, I have a few extra spots to make this list ten items.  Thus I decided to add a few honorable mentions.  So here are books that I am thankful for in my life.

204. Calvin and Hobbes comically helped me to relate to others.  Instead of being uptight, I learned to laugh at jokes.  These books were silly but that is exactly how they taught me to function in society. (Age 15)

205. Rose’s Daughter and other Robin McKinley books took the fairy tales that I loved so well and turned them into reality.  Her heroines showed me how to be strong yet beautiful and kind. (Age 16)

206. The Harry Potter books did not enter my life until the series was finished.  This, however, meant that I got to enjoy them all at once.  These books brought into my life messages such as the importance of friendship, the belief of good in others even if they seem bad, and the magic in daily life. (Age 17)

207. Define Normal showed me that I was not alone in my struggle of friendship and fitting in.  This book tugged at my heartstrings and opened my eyes to the pain of those who cared for me. (Age 18)

208. Sherlock Holmes stories played a huge role in my life because I took a class in them as a freshman.  This sparked my desire to learn and to know the truth.  Also, I longed to develop the ability to read people like Sherlock. (Age 19)

209. Life Without Ed dominated my life as I spent most of this year in treatment.  This helped me to have hope of overcoming my eating disorder. (Age 20)

210. Walking on Water was a fascination book that I read in my poetry class.  This opened up my eyes to how to write and how to view the world around me.  Although I did not agree with everything in it, I learned and grew by reading this book. (Age 21)

211. The Republic and Aristotle’s works have had the most impact on me so far this year of my life.  In my philosophy class, I have learned so much and thought deeply about the world around me.  This has both frightened and delighted me. (Age 22)

212. The Wizard of Oz series brought much delight to me growing up.  Did you know that there are numerous books in this series?  They are all fun and very colorful. (Honorable mention)

213. Ella Enchanted is a novel that I do not like that much.  However, I related to the heroine.  Sometimes I pretended to be her because then at least I had a purpose for my actions. (Honorable mention)

214. Agatha Christie novels recently have been a favorite of mine.  Guessing what will happen lets my brain be creative and curious.  She comes up with such twisted plots. (Honorable mention)

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