Coping Skills. #16. Cleaning


Cleaning can be a good coping skill that looks different for each person

Yesterday, I arrived home and preceded to try to work on my homework.  To my surprise, the electricity was out.  No phones, computers, lights, water, etc.  Anxious, I wondered how I would be able to accomplish anything.  With finals for three classes next week and a very busy weekend, being unable to use an technology was very inconvenient.

Instead of panicking, however, I decided to do some cleaning.  My busy school schedule has caused me to get behind on paperwork and organizing things.  Thus, having a break from homework gave me the chance to put away many files and other items.

Cleaning might not seem like a coping skill.  For some people, it is very draining and brings about stress, frustration, and perfectionism.  However, if you need a break from the everyday tasks at work or school, chores at home can be a nice outlet.  If you prefer to think of it as organizing or rearranging, that might help.

One can clean anywhere and anything.  Perhaps the fluid strokes of a mop bring you peace.  Maybe putting your books in a certain order gives you a sense of control.  Washing sheets brings a sense of cleansing.  When you think about what you need in your life currently, you can usually find something to correspond with that.

Also you can choose how you do this.  Do you want company while painting a room or do you prefer to be alone?  Would you rather have quiet or fun music playing while you work?  Are you going to do numerous tasks quickly or spend a long time doing one?

Cleaning has so many different options and ways it can be taken.  Even if you think you hate it, I would suggest giving it a try.  Perhaps there is something or someway you have not tried it yet.

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8 thoughts on “Coping Skills. #16. Cleaning

  1. ashokbhatia says:

    Well said. Cleaning really uplifts your mood and makes you see the sunnier side of life.

  2. 80smetalman says:

    Cleaning isn’t my thing probably because when I was in the service, I had a battalion XO who used to look under the toilet rims with a dental mirror. Everyone needs a coping mechanism and this one obviously works for you.

    • That makes total sense. Wow, that sounds very stressful. The coping skills that I post work wonderfully for some people but might trigger others. I am exploring lots of ways to cope with life in a healthy manner. Sorry that this one was not for you! Hopefully the next one will be better.

  3. I love cleaning, especially while listening to music 🙂 I like to clean a lot on weekends, when I have more time to relax afterwards.

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