Recovery in the Media. #18. Michael Buble Songs

To be Loved

Michael Buble combines old-fashioned style with modern creativity.

18. Selected Michael Buble Songs

Maria, my youngest sister, introduced me to Michael Buble’s music.  Right away, I loved his smooth voice, touching ballads, and upbeat fun songs.  However, I soon noticed that his songs were more than just fluff.  Instead, they spoke of broken hearts, hopeful futures, and deep love.  Mixing old fashioned songs with his own style, Michael Buble delights and touches the world through his music.  Because of this, I decided to highlight his works on Media Monday.

Selected Songs:

    • “Feeling Good” from his It’s Time album
    • “Hold On” from his Crazy Love album
    • “Haven’t Met You Yet” from his Crazy Love album
    • “Close Your Eyes” from his To be Loved album
    • “Lost” from his Call Me Irresponsible album

Recovery Pluses: “Feeling Good” is a very old song and obviously not written by or for Michael Buble.  However, this singer makes it his own.  Simply put, this song is about the joy of being alive.  Sometimes in recovery, we focus so much on the negative emotions.  It is good to realize the beauty around us and just feel good sometimes.  This does not mean we hide our emotions.  Instead, feeling positive reminds us to allow joy into our lives despite the pain.

Hopeful but addressing the pain of life, “Hold On” begs the listener to stay stronger.  Yes, days are filled with struggles but one should not give up.  One day the light will shine even brighter.  After the storm, the sun will appear even brighter than before.  This song helps me to get through the hard days and also remember those who are struggling.  On day, I hope to be the one singing this to others.

Upbeat and optimistic, “Haven’t Met You Yet” states that love is hard to find.  However, the singer refuses to give up.  Sure, he hasn’t found his true love yet but she will appear.  When this happens, he promises to be committed and loving.  Until then, he will simply wait without being anxious.  A reminder not to rush relationships or settle for second best is something that we all need to hear sometimes.

One of his newer songs, “Close Your Eyes,” depicts a man singing to his love.  He lists everything that makes her special and one of a kind.  This beautiful song of love does not need to only come to us through a romantic interest.  Instead, we can realize the beauty inside of ourselves.  I love the tenderness and honesty in this song.

Finally, one of my favorite songs is “Lost.”  This is for all those who are struggling and feeling alone.  Michael promises that no matter how difficult things seem, they are not lost.  He stands by their side.  My family has lived out this song to me through their actions and words.  Each day, I hope to show others the message of this song through my deeds.

Cautions: Old-fashioned in some ways, Michael Buble has little objectionable about his music.

Without sounding outdated, Michael Buble brings back classic songs and reminds listeners of crooners such as Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby.  At the same time, Michael brings his own style and creativity.  If you have not checked out his music, I advise doing so.  He truly has a wonderful gift that he is using for great things in the world.

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