One Thousand Thanks: 215 – 225. Wonderful Weddings

Black and white photo of rosesWeddings have been a huge part of my life the last month.  Coming up soon in November, I will be a bridesmaid in one as well.  As mentioned in a post earlier this week, weddings have often been difficult but wonderful experiences for me.  The idea of true love, devotion, and sacrifice makes me have hope in our world.  However the occasion is extremely overwhelming and anxiety-producing.

Thus, I decided to focus on weddings for Thankfulness Thursday.  I will think about current happenings as well as past ceremonies that I attended.  Also, the little elements of each wedding that are special will be listed.

215. The Prince Edward Island Wedding is one of my favorite memories.  A friend of my parents married up in Prince Edward Island, Canada because she was from there.  Traveling up to that beautiful place and staying there for nearly a week made this vacation so special.  We also bonded with the family of the couple which normally does not take place at weddings.

216. Dancing with my dad is so wonderful that I brave the loud band.  He loves to twist, polka, jive – you name it, he’ll do it with style!  Even though our relationships has been bumpy growing up, I always know that I am his little girl when we dance together.

217. Happy tears rarely happen except at weddings.  Having so much joy that you begin to weep can be a wonderful feeling.

218. The smiles on the groom’s and bride’s faces fill me with so much hope.  The fact that two people can be so happy together is heartwarming.

219. Dresses, veils, and trains – yes, I do love all of the beautiful attire.  Of course, the bride always looks like an angel.  Although I am not a fluffy person, weddings are one time when I enjoy this (to a certain extent).

220. Boquets of flowers already bring me joy and life.  Seeing the creative, lovely arrangements at weddings is even better.

221. Being a flower girl in my aunt’s and uncle’s wedding as a young girl helped me to feel a part of the celebration.  Looking back at the pictures of that day, the joy in my face makes me nearly glow.  Often I miss those innocent, happy times.

222. Seeing extended family and old friends causes anxiety but also brings back joy.  Sometimes, weddings are the only times to see cousins, acquaintances, and past classmates.

223. Bearing the ring for my cousin’s wedding filled me with pride.  They let me process down the aisle alone with the real ring.  At the time, I regarded it as almost as wonderful as being a junior bridesmaid.

224. Bridesmaid dress shopping really scared me.  However, the other girls were so fun that when we went two Sundays ago, we had a blast.  In the future, I will be better prepared for how to deal with this situation.  In the present, I am thankful for my friend (the bride) and her two fun sisters!

225. Reading at my cousin’s recent wedding gave me the chance to speak beautiful words to the congregation as well as the bride and groom.  Reading words about love to my wonderful cousin and her delightful husband was a special opportunity that I will never forget.

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10 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 215 – 225. Wonderful Weddings

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Aw Anna Rose! So cool to read that our wedding is such a great memory! I LOVED that.your family got to.come!!

  2. 80smetalman8 says:

    Have a splendid time at the wedding, you deserve it.

  3. […] me stay home. However, being in Katie’s wedding was wonderful. About a year and a half ago, I wrote about my friend Ruth’s wedding and thankfulness. Here are more reasons that I am thankful for […]

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