Coping Skills. #17. Sleeping Soundly

Sleeping can be a way to take care of yourself.

Sleeping can be a way to take care of yourself.

Although my medication makes me very drowsy, I prefer to wake up early.  Sleep often makes me feel guilty.  After all, I can not get anything done while lying in my bed.  So often, I try to wake up early and go to bed late.

However, sleep is a vital part of human life.  Without it, you become physically ill, drained, emotionally unstable, and unable to make wise choices.   Thus, regular sleep is needed.  Sometimes, extra sleep should be taken as well.

So I really dislike this coping skill, but I know that it is extremely important.  First of all, work to get a normal amount of sleep.  Your body might need a bit more or less than other people.  However, it is still wise to attempt to get around of sleep recommended by medical professionals.  Is this difficult to do with a busy schedule?  Yes, but it is still very important.  Without this rest, you will struggle even more to deal with hectic tasks in your daily life.

Then allow yourself to take little naps or sleep in if needed.  Sometimes you just need a little more rest.  Admitting and realizing that might be difficult.  However, being aware of your physical needs is an important part of caring for yourself.  Granting yourself the time to have a bit of extra sleep is not selfish; it is wise.  This will help you in your relationships with others, problem-solving abilities, and strength to get through long days.

However, one must also be cautious to not oversleep regularly.  If you struggle with isolating, this might be a problem.  Sometimes depression causes you to want nothing more than to stay in bed all day.  If that is so, start with small steps.  Get up 15 minutes earlier.  Try only hitting your snooze button once.  Do anything that helps you to stop using sleep as a symptom.

This morning, I slept in.  After an exhausting week at school and other events, I needed to take care of my body by getting some extra rest.  This makes me feel selfish but I know that in the end, I am helping myself and even others.  Now I will be better able to work this evening, love my family, and finish important tasks around the house.  Sleep is a not a weakness but an important part of every person’s life.


8 thoughts on “Coping Skills. #17. Sleeping Soundly

  1. Kev says:

    Where did you get that picture of my Aragorn? 😉

  2. Odd enough, just a little ways further in my blog reader, after reading this post, I came across this:

    It actually falls into a category of research I like to make fun of: studies that more or less prove things we’ve known for thousands of years. In any case, I thought it was a neat coincidence that I saw that shortly after reading your post.

    Good rest is a wonderful thing, whether one is coping with severe or mild issues. And, frankly, a good night of sleep is in itself a pleasant experience, for my money.

    Nice post.

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  4. […] Coping Skills. #17. Sleeping Soundly ( […]

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