One Thousand Thanks: 226 – 238. Freetime with Friends


Being with friends might make me anxious but it fills me with joy!

Recently, friends have been a huge part of my life.  This might not sound strange but for someone who struggles socially, this change has made a major impact on me.  Finally I feel more loved and accepted.  Perhaps I finally am becoming more normal or perhaps I can better interact with others and accept their friendship.  Whatever the case, being with people more often has both drained and energized with joy.

Although I have already spent a Thankfulness Thursday discussing my friends, I have not addressed the fact of being with them.  So, I am going to list reasons why friendship is wonderful.  Jess and Ruth, thank you so very much for inspiring this post!  Also many thanks to new friends at school such as Hannah, Katie, Alisha, Annie, Karina, and numerous others.

226. Going right back to the old days.  When you meet up with a long-time friend, instantly you go back to enjoying each other.  Yes, it makes me nervous at first but pretty soon, I am remembering all of the days we spent together.  We have grown and matured but still connect.

227. Laughing with someone else brings joy.  One can laugh alone but it is so much better with another person.

228. The best of you is remembered.  Friends do not accuse you for the mistakes you made (unless you need it at the moment).  Instead, they see the good in you.  Although I have messed up numerous times, my friends remind me of my strengths and good qualities.  Even if I do not believe them, this helps and encourages me.

229. Shopping becomes bearable…maybe even fun.  I hate shopping usually.  It overwhelms and frightens me.  However doing it with a friend makes it a fun game, imaginary shopping spree where you buy everything for the other person, and treasure hunt for deals.  Then when you allow yourself to buy one or two things, they are even more special.

230. Wardrobe compliments and advice are a normal part of a feminine friendship.  Although this can become triggering, I find it helpful.  For years, I struggled with knowing what to wear.  Observing my friends and getting their advice helped me greatly.

231. Going beyond the surface draws you closer to a friend.  This is one of the best parts.  So often people live shallow lives, hiding their true selves.  A true friend will guide you out of the darkness and take off your mask.

232. Swapping things – ideas, clothing, books, secrets, gifts, movies, advice, etc.  Learning new things and trying something different opens up your mind.  Many times, a friend let me borrow a thought or material thing.  Then I do likewise so that they feel similarly.

233. A shoulder to cry on is what friends often offer.  Lately, I have not needed one as often.  However this saved me from internal darkness and suffering in the past.

234. Acting like children becomes acceptable (to a certain extent) with a friend.  Skipping down the sidewalk, singing in public, giggling over a favorite book character, and telling corny jokes all adds to the fun of your relationship.

235. Gift giving is something that I love to do.  In fact, shopping for other people brings excitement and joy to me despite my aversion to stores.  Receiving gifts also brings joy.  It is not all about the physical gift; it is the thoughtfulness and love it signifies.

236. Taking walks together while talking is a wonderful way to spend time.  On Tuesday, I took two walks with friends in the crisp fall air.

237. Honest calling out  sometimes happens in a friendship.  Although it can be painful, tough love sometimes helps in the long run.  Several times, I feared relationships falling apart because of this honesty.  However, they are far stronger today than ever before.

238.  Remaining close despite time or space must happen for a friendship to grow.  This does not mean constant contact.  However, it means that you remain concerned and happy for your friend.

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7 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 226 – 238. Freetime with Friends

  1. jefairgrieve says:

    I’m glad you wrote this post, Anna Rose. True friends are to cherish!

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