One Thousand Thanks: 239 – 250. My Marvelous Mother

My mom and I standing in the airport before taking off.

Off to England with my Mom.

Today is Halloween or All Saints Eve according to most people.  However, I special something even better: my mother’s birthday.

Usually I try to not discuss my family too much on my blog.  Out of privacy, I focus mainly on my life and thoughts.  But this woman deserves all the praise she can get not only for raising us four children but also for being a wonderful person.  Thus, I will spend Thankfulness Thursday focusing on what I am thankful for that she has done or qualities that she has.  I love you, Mom!

239. Her compassionate heart –  My mother cares for me even when I mess up.  In my deepest struggles, she stand by my side and listens.

240. When she braids or plays with my hair, I feel cared for and safe.  Also, this makes me feel beautiful.

241. Her ability to laugh at herself – Instead of being proud or easily hurt, my mother laughs at her mistakes.  Sometimes this drives me crazy but usually I appreciate it.

242. Helping me find medical care saved my life many times.  Since a young age, my mother has done her best to treat any illness her children had but she also knew when to go to a professional.  During my worst months of anorexia, my mother drove me to appointments faithfully each day.

243. Her strong faith – Even if others waver or doubt, my mother stays strong.  She holds true to her beliefs and quietly displays them to the world.

244. Our trip to England will forever be a favorite memory of mine.  This May, we went together and although I had hoped to go with my school, I am glad that I was with her.

245. Her willingness to sacrifice her time, money, and energy – My mother rarely takes time just for herself.  This sometimes drives me crazy because I want her to love herself by resting.  However, she is constantly thinking of others and giving to them.

246. Homeschool lessons and activities were a major part of my relationship with my mother growing up.  My favorite lessons included archaeology by digging in and mapping chocolate chip cookies, recording and drawing nature, raising tadpoles and caterpillars, field trips to ballets and concerts, and reading lots of books.

247. Her honesty and encouragement  — Although she always encourages me, she also pushes me to be the best possible.  This combination helps everyone around her to feel loved but also grow.

248.  The absentminded remarks she makes or jokes she tells cause much laughter around our house.  I worry about what will happen when she grows older.  However, I try to love her now and remember that even is she changes, she will still be my mother.

249. Her beauty – My mother has always been the symbol of beauty for me.  Her sweet smile, brith eyes, soft hair – I hope that I look as nice as her as I age.

250. The Halloween costumes she made for us growing up were a trial and frustration for her.  However she did it faithfully for years.  Now she is finally done since Mario can wear something store-bought.  Thanks, Mom, for doing that dreaded sewing!

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15 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 239 – 250. My Marvelous Mother

  1. jefairgrieve says:

    This is a wonderful post, Anna Rose! You are both so blessed to have each other! Hugs . . . Jean

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your Mum, you are one lucky daughter.

  3. forevergoingforward says:

    This post is extremely touching. I love it! I get into a lot of fights with my mom sometimes but that is just because we are so much alike. I love my mom deeply because she is always there for me.

  4. lillianhh says:

    I loved this post and it reminded me about my mom, she helps me with so much, finding help and making phone calls to get help no right now and she is always there no matter what, I love her so much ❤
    I'm so glad that you have this good relationship with your mom, and that you both have each other 🙂

  5. mypeace says:

    Your post caught my eye because my mom’s birthday is on Halloween too! And I made her a Thanks Giving Tree for her birthday this year…just blogged about it today. Blessings to you (and your mom)!

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