One Thousand Thanks: 251 – 261. Cute Cats

Princess with her first litter of kittens

The new mother Princess

As many of you know, I have been mourning for the death of my cat Lexi the last few days.  Thank you so much for all of the kind responses, thoughts, and prayers.  Honestly, you have helped me stay strong in this difficult time.

For Thankfulness Thursday, however, I want to think about happy times with cats.  Reading the comments on my posts made me realize how many people also love these wonderful animals.  So often people think about dogs as a man’s best friend.  Sometimes cats and their clever, fun, and sweet traits are forgotten.  So today I am going to remember what makes these marvelous animals so dear to us.

251. Their soft silky coats  make it just about impossible not to pet them.  My mother often says that Princess is the softest thing in the whole world.

252. Rough licks for kisses tickle your skin and touch your heart.  I never knew how much cats licked people until I owned them.

253. Deep purrs are such a relaxing noise.  Wouldn’t you love to be as content as a purring cat?

254. When a cat snuggles in your lap, life seems to slow down.  Troubles somehow become less pressing as you relax with your pet.

255. Their independent nature makes them a fairly easy pet to own.

256. How they play with yarn or other toys can entertain you for a long time.  Especially as kittens, these creatures have a great sense of humor and playfulness.

257. Their grace and pose amazes me.  Cats move with such a fluidity and beauty even when surprised or scared.

258. All of their distinct meows give them personality.  Some are so quiet and sweet while others demand immediate attention and obedience.

259. How they move silently gives them a way to sneak up on you to pounce or snuggle in your lap.  It also adds to their grace and ethereal quality.

260. The way that they groom themselves daintily mesmerizes me for some reason.  Plus it saves you the trouble of trying to bath them.

261. How different each one is – You will never find a cat just like another one.  Each one is so wonderful and unique.

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11 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 251 – 261. Cute Cats

  1. Rachel says:

    Princess looks so relaxed! I would be too if I was surrounded by cute, snuggly kittens

  2. Marneymae says:

    this is an AWESOME list
    thank you for your blog post!!!

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