Recovery in the Media: #23. You are the Message

You are the Message

“You are the Message” surprised me with its positive but motivating message about being honest and likable.

23. You are the Message by Roger Ailes

Normally, I am not a big fan of self-help books.  Although extremely encouraging and inspiring for others, these works usually leave me overwhelmed and frustrated.  How on earth can I accomplish everything written in their books?  Sometimes elements of the book stick with me and teach me valuable lessons.  For the most part, however, I prefer to learn from someone else or experience.  That being said, You are the Message surprised me pleasantly.  After reading it for a class, I gained much insight and confidence concerning speaking, social situations, and being myself.  Thus, this book seemed right to review for Media Monday.

Synopsis: Roger Ailes helped numerous famous celebrities, renowned presidents, and wealthy business men become better speakers.  In this book, he instructs the reader on how to be themselves and present a honest message to the rest of the world.  Instead of trying to change yourself to the audience, you learn to exhibit your true self in a likable way.  Throughout the book, Ailes gives numerous helpful tips along with enjoyable examples and stories.

Recovery Pluses: Many self-help books seem to preachy to me.  However, this one motivated and encouraged me.  Not only does Ailes help you to grow, he also shows you how to continue to be yourself.  Instead of changing to fit in with the situation or others, the reader learns to be confident in their own skills.  Since I am prone to adapting to what others want, this message helped me to not put pressure on myself to change but to mature.

Without encouraging deception or manipulation, Ailes helps his readers to be leaders.  Thus, this book lists many important traits and how to (as well as how not to) achieve them.  For example, he has sections on the importance of humor without offending others or being distasteful.  Even his section on likability was very helpful.  Before, I viewed likability as a popularity contest.  However, this book proved the importance of true likability for leaders, presenters, and everyday life.

For someone who struggles with social anxiety and understanding social situations, this book proved very helpful.  Others who have aspergers, PTSD, or other disorders might also find this book helpful.  It gives concrete tips, interesting examples, and wise suggestions for how project yourself to others.  Although Ailes does not write specifically for those struggling with mental disorders or aspergers, You are the Message can be a helpful resource.

Cautions: A few examples that Ailes gives deal with celebrities who made mistakes such as swearing on television.  However, nothing objectionable is repeated in his book.

If you are a presenter or struggle in social settings, I advise that you read this book.  Without giving too much information or encouraging you to change your personality, You are the Message instructs reads on how to lead, inspire, and persuade others.  Although I read this book for a class, I know that I will read it again for help and encouragement.  Ailes gave me hope that being myself and giving that message to others can help me to change the world little by little.

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