One Thousand Thanks: 273 – 283. Younger Siblings

One Thousand Thanks: 273 - 283. Younger Siblings

Cowgirl/Cowboys photo shoot that my sister Christine arranged years ago.

My character in the play I am currently in is a 12-year-old girl who longs to be strong and ladylike but is still a hurting child.  To complicate matters, she has a little brother who annoys her at times.  However, for the most part, these two children care for each other while their parents are busy being high members of society.  Playing this role is stretching me in a wonderful but challenging way.

As I have studied my character, I have begun to realize how wonderful younger siblings truly are.  This fact was known to me before but this play is reminding me.  With my two sisters away from home and me rarely having time to spend with Mario, I have grown to appreciate and miss my younger siblings greatly.  So it seemed only appropriate to have a Thankfulness Thursday dedicated to them.

273. Christine’s sense of humor – Sometimes it drives me crazy, but Christine can make me laugh even in my worst moments.  Without being cruel or crude, she is able to make anyone see the funny side of life.

274. Having a reason to stay alive – Whenever I feel like giving up on life, I remember my siblings.  Never could I abandon them or put my own misery ahead of their well-being.  What kind of message would I send if I decided to take my own life?  Thus, living for my family has kept me safe many times.

275. Maria’s infectious laugh and sparkling smile – A wonderful listener and bubbly friend, my youngest sister draws people to her with her fun personality.

276. Watching them achieve goals – Whether it is Mario reading for the first time, Christine outrunning boys in health class, or Maria playing first flute in band, seeing my siblings accomplish so many wonderful things is amazing.  Sometimes comparison is hard, but even so I am so proud of my wonderful sisters and brother.

277. Mario’s caring heart – Mario is so sweet.  Honestly, he will take care of anyone in pain.  Sometimes I worry that he will be taken advantage of as he grows older.  However, I mostly just love his ability to reach out to others kindly.

278. Having someone to play childish games with – Growing up, I loved playing dolls, board games, and dress up long after most children do.  Because my sisters were a bit younger, they sometimes agreed to play these games with me.  There are so many fond memories that I have of this time.

279. Christine’s girl power – My sister Christine is one of the toughest people I know.  When anyone mentions “girl power,” she is the first person that I think of because she is so strong, beautiful, and wise.  You go, girl!

280. Trying to convince them to listen to me because I was the oldest – Yeah, this usually did not work.  Yet, it did sometimes which was rather fun.

281. Maria’s willingness to forgive – Over the years, Maria and I have had some squabbles.  No matter how much I hurt her, she still forgives me.  Thank you, wonderful sister, for giving second chances.

282. Learning together and helping each other – Being homeschooled, my sisters and I did many lessons together.  This way, we could help each other so that everyone understood the material better.  Plus, we had many fun times goofing around and learning interesting facts.

283. Mario’s realistic noises – My brother can imitate almost anything.  Since he was a baby, he has enjoyed doing this constantly.  At times, his zooming and sirens drive me crazy, but usually I love them.

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  1. younger sibling numero 1 says:

    🙂 aww thanks!

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