Recovery in the Media: #24. Colton Dixon Songs

Colton Dixon

Colton Dixon mixes elements of rock, darkness vs. light, and faith in his album.

24. Selected Colton Dixon Songs

Two winters ago, my mom decided that we should try watching American Idol.  After every Thursday evening devoted to family time in treatment for the past eight months, we had no idea what to do after I ended daily therapy.  Thus, the family that rarely watched any television (except for the Olympics) turned on this reality show.  To our surprise and my father’s annoyance, my mom and I became hooked.  Although we were rather disappointed in the final result, several of the singers became favorites of ours.  One of these was Colton Dixon.  When his first album came out, I liked him even more.  Although he is a Christian singer, people of many faiths can enjoy the depth of his lyrics as well as his rocking talent.  Because of this, it seemed appropriate to have him reviewed for Media Monday.

Selected Songs:

    • “Scars” from his A Messenger album
    • “I’ll be the Light” from his A Messenger album
    • “Never Gone” from his A Messenger album
    • “Rise” from his A Messengeralbum

Recovery Pluses: In “Scars,” Colton acknowledges his weaknesses, addictions, and pains right away.  Things seem pretty dismal at the beginning.  However, despite the hurt, today is a new today for starting over.  This song is especially powerful if you struggle with self-harm or an eating disorder that has hurt your body.  Every time that I hear this song, I am reminded that my scars and past do not define me but they can be used to help me to move forward.

Once again addressing pain and darkness, “I’ll be the Light” centers on the singer pleading for someone struggling to trust him for support.  You can hear this song as God, a family member, significant other, or friend singing to you.  Whatever you choose, it reminds us that even in our struggles there is hope and light.  There is strength outside of ourselves that can help us when we need it.

Similarly, “Never Gone” addresses someone who has lost faith and joy.  The singer states that he never left there side even when the world seemed hopeless.  When I heard Colton sing this song live, it was so powerful.  Luckily, the recorded version keeps his passion and hopeful message.

Finally, the song “Rise” once again watches someone in a very dark depressed place.  Yet there is still “a hope shining in their eyes” as well as light in the night.  In the end, this person will rise up and defeat the agony that they are in currently.

Cautions: Colton Dixon has songs that address hard issues but never graphically.  Although he is a Christian artist, as mentioned above, his work can be enjoyed by anyone who is open to listening.

Colton Dixon’s CD gives me so much hope when I am in the worst of spots in my life.  Although I do not generally like rock music, his work moves me and gives me courage to face each day.  If you have not listened to any of his songs, I strongly encourage it.  He gives light to the darkness that so often sneaks into our lives.

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