Haiku of Recovery Thanks

Haiku of Recovery Thanks

Haiku of Recovery Thanks

One of the first types of literature I encountered as a child was poetry.  Part of school for us girls was memorizing limericks and classic works.  When I bored of reading the words of others, I scribbled my own works in floral printed notebooks.  Although certainly not masterpieces, my poems gave me a sense of accomplishment and release from daily stresses.

By the age of 8, I had written many poems and read even more.  As I encountered more literature, however, my passion for poetry waned.  After all, there is only so much that one can say in a few lines.  Daring adventures, secret romances, and majestic victories replaced detailed descriptions of nature, emotions, and solitude.  Books became my escape and friendship while poetry dulled second-rate material.

Last fall, my view of poetry shifted once again.  I took a class dedicated to writing these short pieces.  Despite my initial perception of the course as simple, this class stretched me through stressful tears, scribbled out sentences, and dozens of drafts.  Not only did I learn to write poetry better, I also gained skills to make all of my writing more concise, descriptive, and meaningful.  Although this type of literature is still not my favorite, poetry once again holds an important and respected place in my life.

Thus, I was excited to see the Weekly Writing Challenge from The Daily Post was Haiku Catchoo.  For this challenge, bloggers were supposed to write five haikus (which are a Japanese form of poetry) about any subject.  Since I enjoy this type of poetry a great deal, I readily agreed to write my own.  Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I decided to write these with that in mind.  My full haiku celebrates what someone in recovery from an eating disorder, PTSD, SIB, depression, and anxiety has to be thankful for in their life.

Haiku of Recovery Thanks

Counting many thanks
Instead of each calorie
Food a fuel and strength.

Smiling at uncles
Without fear of harming hands
Safe, snuggled into Dad.

Fleece against my arms
Long sleeves hiding no red scars
Smooth skin healing now.

Darkness pushed aside
Haunting voices dimmed at last
Still present but weak.

Breaths deep and steady
Thoughts quieted from racing
Thanksgiving anew.


12 thoughts on “Haiku of Recovery Thanks

  1. 80smetalman says:

    Good poems here Annarosemeads, keep it up.

  2. Great poem. I enjoy reading a nice haiku 🙂

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