Unrealistic Goals


As a bridesmaid walking down the aisle at my friend’s wedding

A little less than a month ago, a wonderful blog called Where I Stand brought up a thought-provoking point in one of their posts.  In Unrealistic Goals, the blogger stated her goals from the past that were just about impossible.  Then she wrote out new ones.  Comparing the two was helpful not only for her but also for all of the blog’s readers.

Every since reading this post, I have been meaning to write a similar one.  Today, the time finally seemed right.  Before I start, however, one must understand that I do not think people should limit their dreams.  Many of my goals still are farfetched and improbable.  However, they keep me fighting for recovery and hope.  There is a difference between large goals that keep you moving forward and unrealistic goals that pressure you to be perfect while they beat you up for making mistakes.  Knowing the difference between the two is difficult but important.

Some Unrealistic Goals from the Past:

  1. Never have anything less than a 4.0 in every level of schooling.
  2. Be a famous movie actress.
  3. Die saving the life of someone else.
  4. Have a perfect ACT and SAT score.
  5. Be liked by everyone in the world.
  6. Lose lots of weight in a short period of time without getting sick.
  7. Be a teacher overseas for years.
  8. Marry into a royal family and become a princess.
  9. Rescue numerous people from some dangerous person or thing.
  10. Never do anything wrong or mess up at all.

Some of those dreams still haunt me.  However, I have come to see myself and the world in a more realistic light while still hoping to do great things.  Instead of giving up on my goals, I am modifying them.

Some Hopeful Goals from the Present:

  1. Do my best in school and hopefully graduate with Summa Cum Laude.
  2. Continue acting at school and other theaters as well as perhaps a movie in the future.
  3. Work to save the lives of others by speaking honestly about suicide, eating disorders, and mental illness.
  4. Learn facts from school and observing the world.
  5. Try to find good in everyone who I meet and treat them with respect.
  6. Discover how to eat normally and treat my body kindly.
  7. Study abroad.
  8. Act with kindness and dignity like a princess.
  9. Help people find the resources to be rescued from mental illness and hopelessness.
  10. Learn from my mistakes.

11 thoughts on “Unrealistic Goals

  1. ashokbhatia says:

    Wow..that is quite a wish list. This Christmas, Santa would be quite busy trying to organize these for you – successfully, of course.

  2. Erin says:

    Reblogged this on Where I Stand and commented:
    Here is a blog post written in reflection to a post by Where I Stand founder Erin Casey about unrealistic goals: Check it out!

  3. wow thank you for that i really need to re think my goals. :/ so good luck with yours and your beatiful!! xx

  4. suzjones says:

    Wonderful goals. And all very achievable. You can do it 🙂

  5. Bob Pierce says:

    It is well that you decided early in your life to set realistic goals. I would add another facet of goals. They should be measurable and have an approximate time frame for achievement. You can then measure your success and use them as a reference point for setting new goals or modifying the former goals.
    One more point—celebrate the goals that you accomplish rather than focusing on the ones that you did not accomplish. If you don’t set some goals that you did not accomplish, perhaps you set your goals too low.

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