One Thousand Thanks: 320 – 330. This Past Semester

One Thousand Thanks: 320 - 330. This Past Semester

Being the little girl in a show was a highlight of my past semester.

Now that finals week has started, I have looked back over this fall semester with joy and sorrow.  School went better than I could I have ever imagined.  Because of this, taking a break makes me nervous and disappointed.  What am I going to do with several weeks without structure, companionship, and work?

However, today on Thankfulness Thursday I am going to focus on the positives from this fall semester.  There are so many things so I am going to list some of the main ones.  I would love to hear what you are thankful for in this past fall whether or not you were in school.

320. Returning to the stage – Being in a show once again was a highlight of my entire year.  Playing a little girl and a peasant challenged and stretched me.  The cast was amazing and each of them touched me in different ways.  I am so thankful for all of them.

321. Becoming an advanced grammarian – My advanced grammar class forced me to learn and grow in many ways.  Although I started off wary of the class, I later warmed to the professor and subject.  Now the knowledge has proved extremely useful and enjoyable.

322. New friendships – Katie, Alyssa, Gabe, Dawson, Annie, Anna, Bryan, Collin, Rachel, Sophie, Forrest, Josh, Rebecca, Miriam, Corey, Nathan, Charity, Lissy – there are so many wonderful people that I met.  Thank you to each of them for being bright lights and sources of joy to me and others!

323. Growing closer to old friends – Celine and Amy, both of you made me feel comfortable and accepted.  At my worst, you helped me up.  Now that I am doing better, you remained loyally by my side.  I owe so much to you and others who welcomed me back.

324. Editing the student newspaper – Having this responsibility helped me to stay busy on campus.  Also, I learned that I can contribute to my school.  Although not perfect, my work helped to give our paper an online presence.

325. Writing and reporting – Going into this semester, I wondered if I might switch to journalism.  After all, my qualities are somewhat similar to a reporter: curious, interested in learning new things, adventurous.  However, this career choice clearly did not fit my personality and dreams.  Still, I enjoyed learning more about it and reporting for the student paper.

326. Being published in the literary magazine – Having my piece selected to run in the school’s literary magazine excited me.  Already, others have approached me and mentioned what I wrote.  More than the recognition, the ability to help others warmed my heart.

327. Recovering from car accidents – Driving is difficult for me.  Despite several mishaps, I have continued to brave the roads.  In the past year, my strength and ability to cope with stress has matured.

328. Joining speech team – Although this has been more difficult than I first expected, joining this club is another step toward a hopeful future.  Now I can learn how to become a better speaker so that I can present to others.  One day I hope to speak about my recovery and hope for others.

329. Sharing my story honestly – Several times I have opened up to others about my struggles.  This has been healing for me as well as for them too (I hope).  Doing this is what my dream is and I hope to do it more and more.

330. Finally belonging – After several semesters wondering if I should stay at my school, I finally know that I am in the right place.  For the first time, I feel safe, happy, and hopeful.  This semester has strengthened and encouraged me.  I look forward to three more semesters at this wonderful university.

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