Touching Even One Person

Finally, I have found a purpose in my life.  Hopelessness and self-hate used to blind me from seeing a bright future.  However, events and people in this past year helped free me from past hurts so that I was free to explore my dreams.  Now I know what my mission in life is: I want to touch other people.

This does not need to be a spectacular, noteworthy thing.  Would I love to save lives, travel around the world helping others, and  influence millions?  Sure, but that is not my purpose.

I need to focus on caring for those around me starting with myself.  Once my own needs (which are not selfish by the way no matter what the lying voices in my head hiss) are cared for, my ability to reach out to others will be more effective.  Although I might never be fully cured of mental illness, I can live a hopeful and semi-normal life while advocating for others.

Currently, I am trying to be a bright light and sign of hope for those around me.  Although not viral or perfect, this blog is part of that mission.  Throughout the next year, a goal of mine is to start speaking to youth groups, schools, and caregivers about mental health and my journey.  Slowly but surely, I hope to make a difference in the lives of others.

This video really inspired me.  Watching it reminded me that even the littlest thing can influence the life of another person.  While meeting with a friend the other day, I heard a similar story.  He told me that he once reached out to an outcast at school.  Although he only spoke to the bullied youth for a few minutes, he later learned that he stopped the other boy from committing suicide.  Even the smallest word and comfort can save someone years of pain.

Even if I help one person in my whole life, I believe that I am doing the right thing.  Having this purpose does not make me better than anyone else.  It simply gives me the will to keep fighting my own battle while coming alongside others who are struggling.  Together, we can get through this and make the world a better place.


8 thoughts on “Touching Even One Person

  1. jefairgrieve says:

    You have been following your mission all along, Anna Rose, as you have posted to your blog. You know you have touched me, and you know you have touched the others who follow your blog, and we will never know how many others have been touched who don’t let us know that, Anna Rose. I admire you because you have shown great courage in being so honest about your eating disorder and your other challenges. Until I began reading your blog, I had never realized how difficult it is to live with an eating disorder. You have taught me a lot. Although I don’t have that particular challenge, now I have some insight into the suffering of those who do and can be more understanding and patient. So never doubt that your voice has been heard and that you have brought love into this old world that is so needy. Have a blessed Christmas! I will say a Christmas prayer for you. Hugs . . .

  2. Bob Pierce says:

    I believe you are somewhat obsessed with being normal. I highly recommend the following book. It is not a long book and was very helpful to my late wife during the latter stages of her life when she suffered short term memory loss, some physical disability and depression.
    “Everybody Is Normal Until You Get To Know Them” by John Ortberg. It is available on Kindle.

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