Hosting a Mystery Party

Waltzing with Danger

The front of my guest material for “Waltzing with Danger”

One of the my favorite things to do is to host a mystery party.  This is the one time that I readily invite people to my home.  Although it is draining, these parties are very fun.  No only do I host the party, I also write the entire mystery.  That means making a character for each guests, evidence for the crime, and setting up the drama.  Plus, I need to constantly juggle the roles of being a character along with being the writer who explains the mystery and the hostess who greets the guests.

Today, I am blogging so late because I just had one of these parties.  Instead of worrying about it being perfect or crying over the guests who could not come, I did the best possible to get the party mostly done and enjoyed the people who came.  For the first time, peace has filled me over the turn out of the party.  I have done these mystery parties for years and usually end up feeling mixed at the end.

Depression, anxiety, aspergers, and my eating disorder all make it difficult for me to judge how others view the party.  When a dear friend does not respond to my invitation, sorrow fills me.  Do they hate me or think that I am a bother?  Even knowing how the guests feel is stressful.  Are they aghast that I write about murder and treachery?  Is having a party lame and childish?  Doubts circle through my mind before, during, and after the party.

However, this time was different.  Not having certain people at the party saddened me, but I did not take it personally.  Instead, I enjoyed all of the guests present.  Suddenly, my nerves relaxed as I tried to watch others enjoy themselves.  When people praised my creation, part of me wanted to shrug it off as false flattery.  However, I allowed myself to simply blush and smile.  Sometimes that is the best response along with a heartfelt “Thank you.  I am glad that you came.”

So, thank you to everyone who came and to my amazing family for helping me.  And for all of my readers, I wanted to give you a little piece of this mystery.  So I decided to post just a sample of it.  Hopefully you enjoy it.  Maybe you can even guess who the murderer ended up being.

2. Character Guide Layout-1

This it the outline that I use for creating each character.  One day, I hope to sell my parties.  So this might give you a little idea about what I do.


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