Recovery in the Media: #30. Christina Perri

Christina Perri

A mixture of morose and strong, Christina Perri’s music is unique and powerful.

30. Selected Christina Perri Songs

Sometimes you stumble across new artists that you enjoy because of their upbeat tunes that make you dance.  Other times, singers captivate you with their unique, soulful voices.  That is what I first experienced after hearing Christina Perri.  Her gentle, almost haunting voice made me sit down and listen intently to her words.  A rather morose streak can be found in most of her songs, but a glimmer of light remains in them.  Thus, I decided to choose the five most helpful for recovery this Media Monday.

Selected Songs:

    • “Something About December” from her A Very Merry Perri Christmas
    • “Sad Song” from her Lovestrong album
    • “A Thousand Years” from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn soundtrack
    • “Human” a single from her Head or Heart album
    • “Jar of Hearts” from her Lovestrong album

Recovery Pluses: Since it is still near Christmas (and tomorrow is Christmas for some churches), I decided to include the holiday song “Something about December.”  Filled with beautiful images about this time of year, this song might sound like a stereotypical Christmas song.  However, there is a deeper message about hope and love in this time of year.  Looking back at happy memories and being with loved ones brings Christmas into the heart of the singer.  Although a difficult time of year for some, this holiday can be beautiful and meaningful as this song reminds.

Expressing the opposite emotion, “Sad Song” tells of a woman who is miserable.  Tired of trying to be happy, she pens a song about her pain.  Other might call her immature, but their disapproval cannot make her feelings disappear.  Often, I try to hide my unpleasant emotions instead of being honest about them.  This song could have been pessimistic or whiny, but instead it tells a powerful story about openness to one’s feelings and not bottling them up inside of oneself.

Although I am not a fan of Twilight, I really like “A Thousand Years.”  To be honest, not until later did I realize that this song was in Breaking Dawn.  Anyway, this is a beautiful love song.  Simple yet poignant words tell listeners of a deep romance.  Despite fear and hardship, the singer promises to love for a hundred years.  The couple will choose bravery every moment to remain together.  One could even apply this song to loving oneself.  Choosing to stay by and respect their self is extremely difficult sometimes.  However, living with love leads to beautiful outcomes.

Perri’s newest release, “Human,” is by far my favorite from her.  This song reminds listeners that she is only an imperfect human who makes mistakes.  False strength to endure hardship emotionlessly in the beginning switches into honest confessions of weakness.  Yet, the listener soon sees the raw vulnerability as the true strength.  People are not robots who can handle everything.  All of us make mistakes, but that does not make us weaklings.  Instead, admitting our struggles adds to our ability to cope with life.

“Jar of Hearts” addresses strength and weakness as well.  This time, Christian Perri refuses to return to a man who hurt her.  Instead of allowing him back into her life, the singer stands tall while questioning his unfaithful deeds.  Without being cruel, this song is a message of warning and disgust to all those who abuse or misuse others.  Yet, I also find much empowerment in it.  The lyrics “I have grown too strong to ever fall back in your arms” can be applied to distancing oneself from unhealthy romantic relationships, family members, friends, and even mental illnesses.  Sometimes, I still stumble back into old relationships or behaviors.  This song helps remind me that I do not need to do that.

Cautions: Some of Christina Perri’s other songs and music videos have some mildly mature themes as well as swear words.  Most of them also have rather pessimistic points of view.  The music videos might include suggestive content and darker themes as well.

With her second album coming out in March, Christina Perri will probably become more popular.  Her pure, unique voice adds beauty into her gloomy but powerful songs.  Even in her music videos, there is an interesting blend of light and dark.  She takes difficult subjects and turns them into honest songs with a glimmer of hope in each one.  Especially if you are feeling down or unloved, I encourage listening to some of her music.

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