One Thousand Thanks: 354 – 365. Mario My Not-So-Little Brother

Little muddy boy yelling happily in the rainIn October, I used Thankfulness Thursday to honor my mother on her birthday.  Funnily enough, my younger brother Mario’s birthday fell on a Thursday this year as well.  Since he is turning nine today, I decided to dedicate this post to him and little brothers in general.

354. His huge smile – Mario’s beam shows how much joy is in his heart.  Sometimes it is sweet as sugar while other times it is cheeky or goofy.  However each time, my heart warms a little bit.

355. Watching them growSeeing one’s younger siblings mature is frightening as well as humbling.  Suddenly, you do not need to help them.  Yet this beautiful process also brings hope for the future.

356. Being at his birth – My sisters and I (13, 11, 10) were present when my brother was born.  We were all frightened to death, but I am thankful to have been part of that experience.

357. All of the noise – Girls may talk a lot, but little boys sure do make a racket!  Train whistles, roars, car motors, and more fill our house daily.

Coping Skill. #4. Play with a Child

My little brother Mario with me.

358. Calling him “Mario JoJo” – Although he hates this nickname, it has a special place in my heart.  Maybe one day, he will accept it.

359. Staying young with them – Little siblings make you younger as you chase after them, squabble over little things, and giggle at ridiculous jokes.

360. His caring, tender heart – I have mentioned this before, but it must be repeated.  Mario has one of the most caring spirits that I know.  He is willing to help or cheer up anyone.

361. Their imaginations – Few people are as creative as children.  Little girls and boys come up with wonderful fantasy worlds and fantastic ideas.

Mario carrying Lexi

Lexi was officially Mario’s cat. Here they are together last summer.

362. Our Nancy Drew dates Mario and I have bonded over Nancy Drew.  The Herinteractive computer games have become a regular date for us to gasp and giggle over as we attempt to solve a mystery.

363. Their respect and confusion concerning girls – Many young boys (at least the ones Mario hangs out with) are little gentlemen.  However, they also exhibit great bewilderment at certain feminine behavior.  Seeing them try to do the right thing despite their confusion is sweet.

364. His willingness to forgive and forget – Mario does not become bitter or angry over mistakes.  After apologies are made, he moves on and loves you still.  I wish that I was better at this.

365. Simple playing – Mario and his friends can be happy playing with a pair of sticks.  A ant hill becomes a sandbox, a tree a fort, a pond a ocean.  Boys can be content with so little and turn it into amazing things.

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