Seven Words

Recently, theempathyqueen posted about reducing one’s beliefs to seven words.  This concept fascinated me.  If I had to choose only a few words to sum up my entire life and the world around me, what would I choose?  Thankfully, we humans do not need to do that.  There are millions of words and expressions to explain how we view things.  However, focusing on the seven main ones is an intriguing prospect.  Plus I love working with and learning about words (as the video for today proves).  Thus, this post will sum up my priorities and deep-held values.  If you would like to share yours in a post or comment, that would be amazing.

  1. Hope – Without this, nothing has a purpose.  Although I struggle to find this bright light, clinging to it has pulled me out of dark places.  It also motivates me to care for others.  No matter who you are, there is hope for a beautiful future for you.
  2. Struggle – Everyone has difficulties to overcome.  Although they differ from person to person, struggles bring hardship to our lives.  However, this also makes the joys and achievements worthwhile.
  3. Adventure – If we are willing to take a chance, this world is full of places to explore and discoveries to be made.  All of my life, finding an adventure has kept me eager for the next day.
  4. Love – This word might seem sappy or overused.  However, we need this to connect with others.  By giving up of oneself and serving others, by consciously choosing to love despite pain, people become better and happier.
  5. Curiosity – Growing up, my nickname was “Nosey Rosy.”  Even now, I love to find out everything possible.  Learning teaches us about the world, other, and ourselves.
  6. Imagination – If being an adult means sacrificing my imagination, I will always be a child.  Dreams and fantasies need to be put into action; that is true.  However, they fuel great ideas and deeds.  Do not discount them as unimportant or pointless.
  7. Light – Believing in my faith and a light in the dark has honestly saved my life.  We are not stuck in a bottomless pit.  Everyone is not evil or frightening.  Even if it is a small flicker, there is always some light.

7 thoughts on “Seven Words

  1. Oooo interesting, great post, think I’ll have to try this out myself 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am so glad that you did this! It is beautiful and I am so glad to hear more about you.

  3. slesser1013 says:

    anna, this is beautiful 🙂

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