Recovery in the Media: #33. Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery

Deep voice and lyrics make Scotty McCreery’s songs unique and enjoyable.

33. Selected Scotty McCreery Songs

Whenever Scotty McCreery opens his mouth, the deep sound that emerges strikes me right in the heart.  How he sings in that way shocks me.  When you add his bright smile and innocent attitude, you find a refreshing and enjoyable country singer.  When I heard one of his most recent songs, “Something More,” I knew that his work was too good to forget.  So, I am focusing on him for Media Monday.

Selected Songs:

    • “Back on the Ground” from his Clear as Day album
    • “The Dash” from his See You Tonight album
    • “Christmas in Heaven” from his Christmas with Scotty McCreery album
    • “You Make That Look Good” from his Clear as Day album
    • “Something More” from his See You Tonight album

Recovery Pluses: After leaving his hometown (Scotty won American Idol at the age of 17), this boy shows that he appreciates it more when he returns.  In “Back on the Ground,” he tells about realizing his love for his mother and the small things that used to bug him.  Many people that I have met – in and out of treatment – seem to be running away from their past.  However, it is important to look back and see some of the beautiful parts.  Life is not perfect and neither are people, yet there is a ray of light everywhere.

On a much more sombre note, “The Dash” tells of young teens killed in a car accident.  This song is filled with anguish but also the love of others and importance of each life.  It reminds listeners that living goes by quickly, so it is not about numbers, status, or wealth.  Instead, one should focus on how life is lived at each moment.  So often, I live like tomorrow will always come instead of doing what is important this day.

“Christmas in Heaven” also deals with loss.  This song is more uplifting and encouraging than “The Dash” as Scotty thinks about his loved one in a better place.  For those who believe in life after death, this is so encouraging and hopeful.  Mourning is normal, but holding onto hope is important to get through life.

Switching topics completely, “You Make That Look Good” is the song I have chosen for my sister Christine.  In this, a young man tells a girl how beautiful she is in anything.  Without objectifying her or being focused on an idealized appearance, the singer helps his love to see her own inner beauty shining through her.

Finally, “Something More” is a ballad about deeper things in life.  Faith, hope, love, and family are extolled over trucks, beer, and infatuation.  When so many songs seem to skim the surface, these lyrics dig deep as Scotty longs to give the world more than just another dancing tune or breakup tale.  Instead, he chooses inspire and encourage others.

Cautions: Scotty McCreery has spoken out many times about staying clean.  Some of his songs talk about kissing and romance, but even those remain pretty tame.

His second album fairly new, Scotty has made an impact on country music.  His deep voice that emerges from his childish face makes him novel while his deeper lyrics and boyish charm draws in many fans.  Although not as related to recovery as some of the other artists I have featured, Scotty has music that is uplifting and enjoyable.  If you are a country fan, I suggest checking out some of his songs and bobbing your head to the beat.

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