One Thousand Thanks: 388 – 398. Shopping Scores

One Thousand Thanks: 388 - 398. Shopping Scores

Shopping Scores

Today, I went shopping at Goodwill for the creativity blog that I am also helping to write.  Normally, stores frighten me a bit with the overwhelming amount of people and noise.  However, the time became enjoyable as I searched for a creative and cheap outfit.  By the end, my day seemed better than before.

Shopping can easily become an addiction.  Oppositely, it can be a fearful experience.  However, this activity can have a place of fun and adventure as well as responsibility in a normal life.  Here are a few things that I am thankful for about shopping and that I have bought.

388. Thrift shops/Goodwill – These are the places that I frequent the most.  Some of the things that you find are amazing.  Rummaging through bridal dresses, summer tanks, and ugly Christmas sweaters is amusing if nothing else.

389. My white and black dresses – Right before entering residential treatment about 2 and 1/2 years ago, I bought two beautiful dresses.  They mean a great deal to me and symbolize the hard times of recovery.

390. Little girl clothing – Rarely is anything cuter than the clothing section for little girls.  So often I wish the items were made in my size too.

391. Stickers – Scrapbooking is something that I love to do but rarely take time to accomplish.  Stickers for the pages are one of my favorite things to buy.

392. Shopping for others Looking for gifts to give others fills me with such joy and excitement.

393. Using coupons Every Sunday, I clip coupons for my mother.  Walking up the cashier and handing those little pieces of paper over makes you feel accomplished and smart.

394. Polished rocks and gems – Growing up, these were my favorite thing to buy.  On vacations and at craft fairs, I gravitated toward these items.

395. Buying for charity – Whether it is picking up food for the food shelf or getting blankets for the homeless shelter, buying items for those in need is a wonderful deed.

396. Book browsing – There are so many books that I still need to read.  However, looking for new books cannot be forgotten.

397. Shopping with friends – Laughing and hanging out with friends in a store can be an enjoyable experience.  Many girls seem to love doing this, but I have only recently begun to like it as well.

398. Nancy Drew computer games – Yes, call me a nerd but I still love those games.  Each time a new one comes out, I cannot wait to try it.

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