One Thousand Thanks: 399 – 410. The Olympics

The Olympic Rings

The Olympic Rings

My family rarely watched any television growing up.  However, every summer and winter, we faithfully watched the Olympics.  Since I am in school, I do not know how much I will see this year.  Yet, watching the highlights and ceremonies will have to be in my schedule sometime soon.

So for Thankfulness Thursday, it only seemed right to talk about this amazing event that begins tonight.  Although I will be presenting for speech team, I look forward to seeing the opening ceremony a bit later.

399. Opening and closing cermonies – Each country does something unique, a bit strange, and remarkably beautiful.  I keep thinking that one cannot top another, and then the next country leaves me speechless with awe.  Dancing, singing, lights, and heritage – all of these are combined for an amazing result.

400. Michael Phelps – Ever since his first Olympics, I have greatly admired (perhaps crushed on a little) this fantastic athlete.  He seems so kind and down-to-earth also which helps.

401. The ice skating/gymnastics/artistic sports – Some sports have a more artistic nature.  These show how grace and strength can join together and make something wonderful.

402. Minnesota athletes We have a few this year and in the past.  Way to go, Minnesota natives!  We might not be a huge or popular state, but we know how to be nice and work hard.  🙂

403. Swimming As someone who loves swimming, I enjoy watching this sport greatly.  In fact, there was a point in my life where I wanted to be entered in this sport for the summer Olympics.

404. Bonding with other countries – Seeing nations become closer and enjoy one another is so beautiful.  I come to respect and cheer for other countries as I watch the events.

405. The responses of family and friends – Whether it is acceptance of defeat or rejoicing over a victory, the reactions of the crowd can be very touching.

406. Underdogs winning – This is the best.  When someone shocks everyone by pulling ahead, it leaves me feeling so happy for the person and everyone struggling in the world.  People can rise up and make it even if they feel forgotten or unimportant.

407. The lighting of the torch – Watching people run with it and then finally light it builds the participation up throughout the night.  Seeing the torch also is incredible.

408. Hearing the national anthems – As a music lover, I like hearing the songs for each country especially at the medal ceremonies.

409. Olympic-themed commercials – For the most part, these are very humorous and clever.

410. Mimicking the events with my sisters – Growing up, my siblings and I always recreated the sports in our backyard.  Were we any good?  Probably not, but we sure had fun!

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7 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 399 – 410. The Olympics

  1. 80smetalman says:

    Being a big hockey fan, I don’t think enough credit is given to the NHL for suspending their season so players can go back to their countries and play in the Olympics. Not many other professional leagues would do that.

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