Happy Valentine’s Day

Who Will Love Me

The biggest disease this day and age is that of people feeling unloved. – Princess Diana

To all my followers and readers,

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I have made homemade cards for all of my friends.  However, there is not a way for me to easily give one to all of you.  If I could, I would send each of you a huge pink heart with little red and purple spots.  Sounds corny, I know, but it would represent my thanks to you.

This day has brought me much pain in the past.  Today, my emotions are a bit conflicted.  Yet, I want to focus on just one part of this day: love.

As a child, I wrote the words “I love you” on almost everything that I owned.  Notebooks, diaries, furniture, books, and movie covers had these words etched onto them.  My reason for this foolishness was to spread joy and love in the world.  Once I died, people would find my belongings and know that I had loved them.

That has been an important belief that I hold strong to.  Everyone, no matter how awful they are, deserves love.  Even if I do not like someone, I love them.

What does love mean?  There are many answers.  However, when I say that I love everyone, I mean that I would die for any human.  Even if they are cruel or unkind, I want to give them another chance at life.  Perhaps they can change.

Maybe I am just a naive, sheltered child.  However, this keeps me from fearing others.  Instead of judging, I choose to love and look for the best in all who I meet.

So here is my valentine to you.  It is not as pretty or concrete as I would have liked.  My intentions with it, however, remain pure and joyful for you.

~*~I love you!~*~


4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well. Love right back to you!

  2. Lady in the library says:

    You’re a peach!

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