One Thousand Thanks: 422 – 432. Scenic Snowfalls

WinterFor Minnesota, snow is a normal part of life. We complain as we drive through the slush and ice but secretly take pride in our ability to face the cold weather. After all, winter is both beautiful and deadly.

Lately, many people around me are complaining about the snow.  I often feel annoyed with it as well.  After all, it creates dangerous road situations and chilly fingers.  However, I decided to look at the wonderful elements of it today on Thankfulness Thursday.

422. White trees What is it about snow on trees that makes them look so lovely?

423. Catching snowflakes on your tongue There is something about snow that elicits this reaction in each child. Once again, I have no idea why, but it is a lovely tradition.

424. Cold, fresh air – If you take a deep breath in the winter air, it fills up your lungs with pain and energy.

425. Making snow prints in the fresh snow – This leaves me feeling bittersweet. Do you ruin the scene or enjoy creating a pattern in the fluffy white?

426. Snow creations – Snow forts, snowmen, snow whatever – I love seeing the creativity of children and adults. Although I have not made anything in many years, doing it would be wonderful again.

427. The crunch under your shoesOnce again, this is a bit sad but such a lovely sound and feeling.

428. The silence – When I walk outside during a snowfall, the woods are completely silent and motionless. Peace fills me in moments like that.

429. Seeing where others have been – Following people is much easier because of their tracks.  I also enjoy seeing what animals have been around the area.

430. Each snowflake – Realizing that each flake is beautiful and unique reminds me of my own place on earth. If I can admire snow, I can see the good in myself.

431. Snow days – Honestly, I do not like these. However, being inside with the snow falls can be nice sometimes.  Only sometimes…

432. Being hit by a snowballPeople usually only hit me with a snowball if they feel like they can trust me. Thus, this makes me realize that we are friends. Sounds strange, but I truly enjoy this.

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