Because Who is Perfect: Changing the Cultural View of the Body

What should a body look like? That question has been answered in different ways other the years. Arms should be sculpted and brawny to do hard labor. Stomachs round out to show wealth or cave in to exhibit self-control. Pasty skin was ideal, but tan skin is now luxurious. Wigs, light hair, fake teeth, white molars, rosy cheeks, clear skin – we are always changing our thoughts about what the human body should look like ideally.

However, we are all built differently. How can you tell a Korean person to look like a French one? Why is a short girl less beautiful than a woman with long legs? Is that man with bulging muscles really better built than the guy with a normal frame? Why can’t we value the differences in our appearances instead of trying to live up to an ever changing ideal?

This video depicts how important it is to see all humans and their bodies as beautiful. It touched me deeply. How would you feel if you came to realize that you are not too fat, thin, tall, short, dark, light, or disfigured? You are simply you. That not only includes your personality and values but also your looks.

We should not judge people based on how they look. However, we can see the beauty in each person’s appearance. None of us are perfect, but no one is truly ugly either.


12 thoughts on “Because Who is Perfect: Changing the Cultural View of the Body

  1. plf1990 says:

    Reblogged this on Understanding Me and Her and commented:
    Love this. How amazing would it be to have a model of yourself to look at from every angle… Surely you would see yourself as a whole, something so inherently loveable, instead of scrutinising parts in the mirror.

  2. littlevoicetalks says:

    I was at an OA meeting once and someone talked about a ‘God Bod’. Not religious at all, just a concept. It is the body you would have when you take care of it properly – feed it adequately, nurture it properly, be kind to it and listen to it; rest it, look after it when it is ill etc. That is the perfect body for any individual. I like that. It resonated. xx

  3. As someone who has enough difficulty recognising people already, even with their subtle differences, I’m hardly going to be an advocate of everyone striving to attain a particular standard of beauty and thereby becoming identical.
    The problem with the pressure to be perfect is that a lot of it is commercially driven. Many companies out there make money solely based on making you feel bad about your body. Diet pills, hair dyes, makeup, tooth whitening strips, laser scar removal… if people suddenly started feeling good about the way they looked, ‘imperfections’ and all, then these companies would no longer be able to sell their products. That’s why they push the idea that you have to be a certain way. It’s unfortunate, but it’s life, and that makes the media a very difficult thing to change.

    • It is difficult to change. That is one of the reasons that I appreciate some of the work that Dove has done to show true beauty. Yes, they are selling something, but the way that they go about it is different than most places. Hopefully, we can begin to help change the media and society a little at a time.

  4. celinemurray says:

    That was a beautiful video Anna Rose. Thank you for sharing this!

  5. April says:

    Great video. I find it sad what we do to each other, and what we allow others (designers, media, fashion industry) to do to us. I like the idea of simply enjoying what we have no matter what our shape. We are alive, breathing, have feelings, can think. I know it sounds cliche, but it is seriously what’s on the inside that creates beauty.

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