One Thousand Thanks: 433 – 443. Cars and Driving

DrivingOne of my biggest fears is driving. Put me behind the wheel, and fear begins to tremble through me. What if someone hit me? Worse yet, what if I hit another car or person? Anxiety grows stronger with each mile that I go forward.

However, most days I drive to classes along long stretches of highway. Ice, snow, rain, and darkness might add extra stress and time to my commute, but I face each trip with courage. Cars may be a huge trigger for me, but my determination to have excellent education wins out over my fear. Plus, there are some positives about driving.

So for Thankfulness Thursday, I decided to focus on the good parts about cars and driving. After all, even the worst of things have a smidgen of positivity in them. As difficult as this list is, it is important for me to remember as I journey home tonight.

433. Rapidly getting somewhere Cars certainly speed up our lives. That has negative consequences but also many positive ones. Without driving, I probably would not be able to go to school or see many friends.

434. Listening to the radio – Doing this helps me to feel sane and relaxed with I drive. CDs are also great to listen to in the car.

435. Other drivers – People complain about bad drivers all of the time. However, most are willing to help a girl who is stuck in a snowdrift or trying to merge onto a busy freeway. Thanks to all of the amazing people out there who have helped me out in big and small ways!

436. Freedom to escape – Driving gives you the freedom to get away from home, school, or other situations. We all need a break sometimes, and leaving by car can help put distance between yourself and current stress.

437. Shiny, clean carsThey are so beautiful! Thanks to my mom for when she washes our cars.

438. Slug-a-Bugs – Little Volkswagon Beetles are my favorite type of car. Playing slug-a-bug with my sisters growing up was great fun.

439. Sleeping while my parents drive at night – This used to make me feel very safe and protected.

440. Play car games – Looking for all of the alphabet on signs, going on a camping trip, asking “What’s your favorite?” – all of these games bring back great memories for me.

441. Family road trips – These were both stressful and enjoyable. My wonderful parents were saints for putting up with us kids.

442. Pink carsOne day, I will have one. Yes, I will.

443. Waving at random people as you drive through town – This works the best in Boston, we found out. However, it can be fun to do anywhere and watch the responses that people give you.

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9 thoughts on “One Thousand Thanks: 433 – 443. Cars and Driving

  1. I like this post 🙂 I do not have a drivers license nor do I have a car, but being a passenger is a great feeling too. I remember all the good times I had when my father when he used to drive great distances and I would ride along in the passenger’s seat. It was a great opportunity to escape the troubles in life and see the beautiful things life has to offer.

  2. 80smetalman says:

    For me, choosing the music that I will be listening to when I drive anywhere is as important as the journey.

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