One Thousand Thanks: 444 – 454. Spring Break

tropical sunsetAs someone who loves school and schedules, I have always hated breaks. What are you supposed to do with so much free time? Even reading for too long cannot hold my attention. Usually, my depression sets in heavily during these time periods, making me lose motivation to do anything. That causes guilt which makes my mood even worse and triggers unhealthy behaviors.

However, there are some positives to spring break. Since mine official starts today, on a Thankfulness Thursday, it only seemed right to list what I value in the period of time. Making this list is not easy, but seeing the good in difficult things is important.

444. Being with my family –  They are amazing. When I am at school, I rarely get to see them. Now I can every day.

445. Time to read for fun – This alone can make me feel a bit better about break.

446. Resting away from crowds – Having friends at school has been fun. However, it can be very draining for an introvert like me. Thus, break is a great time to be alone and relax.

447. Simply the words “spring” – After our huge snowfalls and blistering cold, thinking about spring is wonderful. It is coming, no matter how slowly.

448. Getting ahead on school work – That way I do not need to panic at school but can spend time with others and doing fun activities.

449. Having normal meals in private – Part of me hates this. Well, my eating disorder hates it. At school, my food consumption is very odd and probably not recovery-minded. At home, I eat a bit better.

450. Not driving in each day – I will certainly not miss driving 45 minutes to school and then the trip home.

451. Talks with my mother – She helps me to reevaluate my life and decide what direction to go. Her wisdom impacts me greatly, but I do not hear it enough when I am busy with school.

452. Watching Mario and playing with him – He is growing up too fast, and I want to spend more time enjoying him at each stage of his life.

453. Going to bed earlier – Well, probably not much earlier. However, it will be because I want to stay up and not because I am busy running around on campus.

454. Playing with Princess – She is so happy to have me back home. Whenever she comes in, I am the first person that she runs to greet. What  a sweetie!

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