One Thousand Thanks: 455 – 465. Wonderful Words

Today, Thankfulness Thursday’s blog is late because I am judging a national speech competition. Sounds prestigious, right, but I really just signed up simply. Anyway, one of the people in my last round spoke on how texting and tweeting is destroying our language. This is an interesting point that has worried me as well as numerous other people.

Thus, I decided to celebrate words in this post. There are so many amazing words in the English language (and other languages too but that will be saved for another post). We can use words to help or hurt, inspire or destroy, heal or bruise, elate or sadden. What an amazing and dangerous weapon we have at the tip of our tongues! So, here are some of my most favorite words – or at least some of the ones I like at this moment. Making this list was so fun that I might need to do it again.

455. Flummox – My mother once read my sisters and me a book called The Woman who Flummoxed the Fairies. Ever since than, I have loved this word that means “confused.”

456. Fay – Another fairy word. This word, along with “ethereal,” makes me think of magical worlds and far off places. It means “fairy” or “elf” as well as “fit together” or “faith.”

457. Bubbling – Maybe it is spring and the little creeks running down the sidewalks as the feet of snow melt, but I love this word right now.

458. Pristine – Meaning “spotless,” this word has such a crisp and clear quality.

459. Discombobulated – Some words are just fun to say like this one that means “disorganized” or “confused.”

460. Cozy – Just saying it makes me feel warm inside.

461. Mew – This word used for hawking or a sound like a meow reminds me of my cats.

462. Lackadaisical – Meaning “showing a lack of interest,” this word is more fun to say than its definition.

463. Posy – This rhymes with Rosy and thus my nickname. It also is a flower word which makes it great.

464. However – I overuse this word. However it is very useful in writing.

465. Balderdash – A great game and fun to say. How silly!

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